>Sex and the City 2

Don’t worry for those who haven’t yet seen the film I won’t include any spoilers!

I was excited about seeing SATC2 last night despite reading reviews earlier in the day that were less than favourable, I guess if you go to see a movie with low expectations you won’t be disappointed if infact it turns out to be as bad as the critics have said it is. But I needn’t have worried, the film was brilliant.

The atmosphere in the cinema was electric, all women, except for three men who looked as though they would rather be anywhere rather than at the wives or girlfriends side, but by the end even they left smiling. There was clappping at both the beginning and end of the film and even throughout it and the laughter was infectious, everyone laughed out loud throughout the film. I have never been to see a film where it has provoked such a reaction from it’s audience before!

As the trailers will have already told you it starts two years ahead of the last film, with Carrie and Big happily married but finding that they need to work on their “sparkle” to keep the relationship alive, Charlotte and Harry are blissfully in love with their two daughters yet she finds that her perfect daughters aren’t quite so perfect after all, Miranda and Steve are happy again with Miranda still working away at her law firm and Samantha is every bit the sexy singleton. I read reviews saying that their lives were so totally removed from those of real women that it made the film hard to be believable, yet despite the glitz and glamour, which is an integral part of SATC after all, there are real women at the heart of it with real problems – who doesn’t know a couple or are part of a couple who need to work at their marriage to keep the spark alive, or expected kids to fit into their perfect lives but the reality doesn’t quite match up to the dream?

As you will have heard Stanford and Anthony get married and the wedding is a spectacle to say the least and yes Liza Minelli does make an appearance as confirmed, all I will say is check out her amazing legs! And of course they go to Abu Dhabi and it is every bit as decadent as you will have seen, it’s simply breathtaking (well Morocco is anyway as that’s apparently where it was filmed) and it makes a change for them to be seen away from New York City and that adds to the story rather than detracts from it as several critics have said. And it makes for some fantastic story lines but ultimately the film still centres around the lives of the four girls.

The fashion is amazing! Patricia Fields has surpassed herself with the styling of the female cast yet again, it’s like fashion porn! And I have never seen so many gorgeous men in the space of a few hours in my life! First up there’s Chris North as Mr Big who I must say is looking sexier the older he gets, then there’s the gorgeous David Eingenberg who plays Steve, an absolutely delectable actor by the name of Noah Mills who plays Nicky who is Anthony’s unbelievably sexy brother, Jason Lewis who plays Samantha’s gorgeous ex Smith Jarrod who looks rather nice with his top off by the way, another sexy newcomer by the name of Dhaffer L’Abidine who plays Mahmood, Raza Jaffrey who plays one of the butlers, the gorgeous John Corbett who plays Aiden who is every bit as sexy as he’s always been despite my mum describing him as podgey and the sex god Max Ryan who plays Rikard who Samantha describes as “Lawrence of my labia” which as you can imagine had the audience in stitches!

I absolutely loved the film, it was a laugh a minute, infact I have never laughed so much at any film or comedian before it’s that funny! There were the truthful real life moments that make you realise that these women are very much “real” despite all the amazing clothes and shoes. The wall to wall totty quite literally made my jaw drop at certain points, I honestly can’t even begin to describe how sexy the men actually were! I’m even tempted to go back and watch it again and I’m definitely going to be bagging myself a copy of the dvd as soon as it comes out.

Oh and for those of you who want to see it but are forced to drag your other half along, don’t worry he’ll love it! Not only are there the four gorgeous main characters, he will absolutely love the nanny, although you’ll have to wait and see why!

This film is a must see so get yourself along to your nearest cinema now!


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