>Grumpy 7 and Infinite Playlist

>I have been VERY bad at doing memes lately, infact these ones from the Lovely Beth over at My Good Life date back to April, so sorry Beth for being so slow at getting these done!

First up is the Grumpy 7 and it seems I have to list 7 things that annoy me/make me grumpy, which should be pretty easy!

1. Twitter giving up the ghost when I came home from work today all ready to catch up on a day of everyones tweets and proceeding not to work because it was “over capacity” for about 2 hours!

2. Not getting off my lazy bum to exercise as much as I should do.

3. The sheer amount of paperwork I have to fill out every time I see a client at work! I want to help them not write a sodding book!

4. No matter how much I clean my flat it never stays clean for longer than half an hour!

5. My inability to cook anything that comes out of a packet (chicken dippers, burgers etc) without turning it into charcoal.

6. My cat leaving me a “present” on the floor rather than her tray when I came home from work today – lovely!

7. Being away from my lovely man for the last 5 months.

But luckily I have the 5 songs on my Infinite Playlist to cheer me up when I feel down – see how I seamlessly linked the two? (not!)

1. “Falling asleep” by Morandi. This is a song that I first heard in 2008 when my friend and I booked our holiday to Turkey to “recapture our youth”. We first heard the song when we were checking out the hotel’s website and the video on here is the one we first saw, got some quite funny bits in it if you can bare to sit through it in it’s entirety, and every time I hear it it just puts a smile on my face remembering the holiday and the fun we had. (her more than me I should add! lol!)

Please consider yourself tagged if you haven’t already had these ones!


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