>Wilko Suncare

>I have been lucky enough to be sent some Wilko Suncare products to review. In my parcel I received Wilko Suncare Moisturising Sun Lotion SPF 50 and Wilko Suncare Moisturising Sun Lotion SPF 25.

It’s typical that the day I received them the sun decided it’d had enough of baking most of the UK in almost 30 degree heat and hid behind the clouds! Luckily it has come in handy for the last 5 days with temperatures rising again.

First up was the SPF 50 lotion. It’s water resistant, (which was tested out with an impromptu water fight) and is a lovely purple colour, which is great for kids because they don’t seem to mind so much that you’re covering them in sun cream when it isn’t plain old white. The spray bottle is also great for kids because it adds that novelty to it. My daughter, being 8 now, was quite happy trying it out for herself and loved spraying it onto herself and watching the purple lotion disappear as she rubbed it in. It’s actually easy to rub in too and doesn’t leave a deathly blueish tinge to the skin like some other coloured sun creams do! This one has now been commandeered for the school bag and I know I won’t have any worries reminding her to put it on at lunch and break times because she can’t wait to put it on every day.

Next up is the SPF 25 lotion, this one was all mine! The range comes in SPF’s 6 – 50 and again is water resistant. (again tested by the water fight!) It has a great consistency and again this one is very easily absorbed into the skin, it also didn’t leave a film on the skin that so many other products of this kind do and left my skin feeling silky smooth.

I would definitely recommend the Wilko range of suncare products, the prices start from £2.98 which compared to other brands is incredible value for money but by no means a compromise on quality. The range is extensive, offering over 50 products, from items aimed at adults and children alike to soothing aftersun products so there is something for everyone too!

Disclosure: Please note that I was provided with a copy of these products for review. I did not receive any further forms of compensation monetary or otherwise. The opinions contained within this review are my own. Should you wish to view my disclosure policy please click on the disclosure tab above.


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