>The Carrie Diaries

>I got this book just before I went to Spain in May but didn’t start it until the week I went to see SATC 2, which made that week a bit of a SATC overload, not that I’m complaining as I am quite possibly one of the only people who loved the film!

I’d been desperate to get my hands on this book since I saw it being advertised, I had been a SATC addict and couldn’t wait to find out how the glamorous Carrie had ended up in the Big Apple all those years before.

The story starts while Carrie is still at school and you learn about her family and friends, first loves and betrayals by those you feel are your friends and it is a good story. I can’t say that I was dying to turn the page though, even if the writing is very good. To me it seemed as if I was a little old to be reading about a school girl, smoking in secret and the local school bitch! Maybe a few years ago this would have been right up my street, but it isn’t a book that I would necessarily be desperate to read again purely because I feel that I have lost the ability to relate to all of the teenage angst type stuff. I don’t quite know what I was expecting, this was obviously a book about Carrie before she moved to New York so you would expect to find her younger, I don’t think I realised I would be reading about a teenager though, rather someone who was in their twenties.

Don’t let me put you off however, as I said the writing is good, as is the story, it’s just I’m rather a boring old fart!


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