>Fathers Day

To me Fathers Day is just another day that involves buying a card for someone who probably doesn’t deserve the title of father. He may be my father by blood, but he isn’t the traditional caring father figure that others are lucky to have. I haven’t had some huge argument with my father, infact I see him so little that an argument is almost an impossibility. My father is more of an acquaintance I see once a year and get the odd phone call from. He is a nice man, he just doesn’t show as much of an interest in me and my daughter as I would like. So he will, as always, get the overpriced card on Fathers Day to wish him well, but there will be no big celebration thanking him for always being there for me.

My daughter is in the same boat, no “real” father to bake cakes for or make fathers day cards for at school. Her father has never deserved the title father, he was little more than a sperm donor, and that is an insult to sperm donors! In years past fathers day cards have become grandads day cards for my lovely step dad who is the most amazing grandfather, but for the last two years on Fathers Day she finally has someone that she can call a father, even if he is over a 1000 miles away at the moment! I watch her little face light up at the mere mention of my partners name, or how she gets a tear in her eye when he tells her he loves her, she kisses his photo every night before bed and he is the first person to comfort her when she hurts herself. I can’t begin to say how happy that makes me feel. For someone to consider my beautiful little girl as his own and want to take on responsibility for looking after her with me is what I always wanted and never quite thought would happen and in him she has found her real father. After all who said a father has to be biological? It takes a lot more than a bit of DNA to be worthy of that title.


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