>I’ve got a virus……

>Well several actually if you count the 34 viruses on my poor computer and the one I think I’ve caught which had me passing out earlier on today! (feeling ill and this heat clearly doesn’t go well together!)

So while my poorly computer is in the repair shop I am having major withdrawal symptoms from blogging, tweeting, emails and the internet in general. My computer first had a hissy fit on Thursday night and hasn’t been the same since. I did of course attempt to fix it myself but being the technophobe that I am didn’t have the slightest clue what to do and by Saturday morning I’d given up and taken it in to be fixed. I was desperately hoping the computer man would ring me yesterday afternoon and tell me it was all ready for me to collect, but no I’m in limbo with a very slow internet connection on my mobile, which of course drains the battery in about 10 mins and doesn’t really have all the bells and whistles of my computer. Luckily as my mum has disappeared to France for a few days I’ve been able to take advantage of her pc today. It’s funny, I knew I had a computer/blogging/tweeting addiction but didn’t quite realise how bad it was til that sinking feeling I had when I realised my computer had died on me.

This weekend has been and gone too quickly as usual, not helped by my feeling ill which hit me like a ton of bricks about 10pm last night and has got progressively worse throughout the day. Friday was “Brownies Got Talent” and my little monkey won it doing her animal impressions, which I inwardly cringed at her suggestion of her doing when she first told me, but it appears all the brownies voted for her to win. Needless to say she is one very chuffed little girl. Yesterday was wedding dress shopping with my little sister (she’s 27, yet she’s still my baby sister), it was her first time and she had her heart set on trying on just one dress she fell in love with in a magazine, needless to say said dress just did nothing for her what so ever. Luckily big sis was on hand to ensure that she tried on 6 dresses and one of which, that she originally didn’t like the look of, was “the one” (or at least “the one” til I drag her to several other shops to ensure she tries on a few more styles) she looked beautiful and it really suited her. She isn’t exactly a conventional girl and there’s a standing joke she’ll end up with a black dress, but this one although unique (and designer and therefore the most expensive one in the shop – again this is just like my sister to pick the most expensive thing!) is actually ivory, although it looks more champagne in colour because of the beautiful french satin it’s made of. She looked absolutely beautiful in it, like it was literally made for her, cue lots of crying from me when I think I actually squeaked something incomprehensible along the lines of my little sister looks like a princess or some other such rubbish. Next up was a wedding venue which she had also set her heart on, the minute I walked in I thought she wouldn’t like it and I was right, the look on her face as we walked out was priceless. I’ve now been set the task of finding her some venues, costing them up and taking her to see them. This is actually my idea of heaven, having wanted to be a wedding planner for years and giving up on the idea.

Today has been spent mostly dying of whatever illness I’ve managed to pick up, watching E run round the garden with her water pistol and catching up on reading all the blogs I’ve missed out on over the last few days. With much profanity thrown in during the shambolic England v Germany World Cup game. Hey, it’s not like I expected us to win, it’s not even that I like football (although once I get into a game I turn into a bit of a lout) it’s more disappointment that these men are supposed to be world class football players and have demonstrated the playing ability of a stoned hamster throughout their time in South Africa, not to mention the amount of money they get for playing like a load of numpties while the recession is raging back home in the UK, but that’s another moan entirely.

I suppose I best givbe up my nice comfy seat in my mums house overlooking the garden and take myself back to my no doubt sweltering hot flat and put her majesty to bed. Fingers crossed my computer man will have some good news for me tomorrow and my computer addiction will be fed by the return of my pc.


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