>Out of action……

>As some of you may have noticed, I haven’t been engaged in my usual flurry of blog posting of late. First my poor computer was hit by several viruses, so off it went to the shop to be fixed. It took over a week to fix it and since getting it back on Monday I have been without an Internet service, due to my lovely ISP helpdesk telling me to uninstall the broadband and then reinstall it, which it wasn’t too happy about. Turns out that I have an old version of their broadband disc and I need the new one in order to be able to download it onto my computer. They were supposed to send me a new disc on Monday and when it hadn’t arrived by yesterday I called again to find it hadn’t been sent in the first place, needless to say they received a few choice words!

I’ve managed to sneakily use the computer at work while no one is around to get my blogging fix today. I have missed 2 weeks worth of your posts and 2 weeks worth of spouting my usual rubbish so to say I’ve had withdrawal symptoms from blogging is an understatement especially as I can’t open peoples posts at work to view them as it blocks it – sob! Yes I am clearly a saddo who has nothing else in her life once her daughter is asleep than the internet! But not only do I rely on my computer for blogging and catching up with my Twitter chums, I shop online, pay bills online, even just look things up online. I use the internet every day for a number of things and I didn’t realise until now quite the extent I relied on it.

The main issue for me, what with having a man over a thousand miles away in Spain, is lack of contact with him since my computer died on me. We rely on MSN and Skype to talk to each other, what with the cost of calls and texts and these last two weeks have undoubtedly been the worst since he left for Spain over 6 months ago. I’ve managed to send him the odd email from work or my phone (which of course also costs a fortune as I don’t normally use my phone for the internet so it isn’t included in my contract) and the odd phone call, but it’s not the same and I’ve spent the last few days feeling rather down in the dumps. Luckily I will be seeing my man next week when he comes to visit me so that has perked me up since booking the flights earlier today! (and no doubt I will go quiet blog wise again while he’s here but at least that’s me making the most of him being here rather than an enforced internet ban!)

But enough of my moaning and back to work I guess, well maybe just a few scheduled posts for the next few days while I get the chance! I have tons of posts just dying to get out of my mind and onto my blog, I haven’t even written about CyberMummy yet, so I’m well and truly behind in my postings! Hopefully I will be back soon with a working computer – expect a tirade of posts once I am!


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