>The funny things that kids say

>My daughter has come out with some corkers lately so I thought I would share:

To my neighbour who’s baby I was holding while chatting to her. “Excuse me, your baby’s leaking!” – neither of us had realised said baby had thrown up while we were chatting away!

When asked where she was from, she replied in full earshot of about twenty people “We’re common, we’re from London.” (well Kent actually)

All dressed up in what she referred to as “mystic gypsy” clothes, my mum asked her how much a palm reading would be. Daughter replied “A pound a minute” (my girls not silly!)

In the bath one day with my mum and I chatting away to her:

E – “Nanny I am naked you know, you should close your eyes when you scrub my back.”

Nan laughs and says – “Your grandad asked if I’d like him to scrub my back the other day. I told him to go away, I don’t want him seeing me with no clothes on either!”

E – But he always sees you with no clothes on nanny because you have sex”

Queue much shock from my mother who doesn’t quite know what to say, I change the subject but get hit with:

E – “You have sex too mummy”

Me – “No darling I don’t” (In my defence on the technicality of my other half being miles away I don’t get lucky that often!)

E – “Yes you do, you had sex and got me” (Can’t really argue with that!)


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