>Is 30 the new 21?

>I turn 29 on Thursday. In a year I’ll be facing the big 3 0! Where did the time go?

Thirty was always an age I couldn’t imagine reaching. Not that I expected not to literally make it to thirty, but 30’s old right? Wrong!

Thirty is confidence, knowing what you want from life, going all out to get it and knowing who you are. Years ago you were given the “key to the door” at 21 which signified your passage into adulthood, and were statistically likely to marry the following year. These days the average age a woman marries is 30 (there’s hope for me yet then!) and it’s an age that almost forces you to reevaluate your life and make sure you’re where you want to be, or at least heading in the right direction. More women are likely to have a complete change of direction around this age than any other time in their lives. It’s also an age when time starts catching up with you with the odd fine line around your eyes and the odd grey hair. (I’m yet to find either but may have a breakdown when I do!)

So am I worried about turning thirty? No! I may well have the odd wobble leading up to the big day itself, but to me 30 is just another number. As I’ve got older I’ve discovered who I am and although there are things in my life that could change for the better, like actually living in the same country as my partner for a start, I’m pretty happy with my lot. I was a bit of a tearaway when I was younger so did an awful lot of things that I perhaps should have experienced in my twenties while still in my teens so I didn’t really feel short changed when my daughter was born when I was twenty. Having her forced me to grow up very quickly and focus on what i really wanted from life, probably a lot earlier than I would have otherwise.

Two years ago I went on a girly holiday, desperate to recapture what I thought I was missing out on – my youth! I’d convinced myself that I was old before my time and needed to do the staying out til dawn and clubbing thing like some of my childless friends do. How wrong was I, as fun as it was I ended up looking after all the 18 year olds when they drank too much or had an argument with their friends, I’d have been better off on a spa weekend! All the holiday confirmed was that I’m not 18 any more, I’m a mum who is happy just the way I am and don’t need to try to be something I’m not.

So for me turning thirty next year isn’t some life defining moment in my life, I’m already there!


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