>Secret Post Club

>On Friday I arrived home to find a parcel waiting for me from @michlan from Who drank all the tea?. Like a small excitable child I ripped open the paper to find all these goodies:

She kindly sent me a book by Carole Matthews called A Minor Indiscretion which sounds like a great read and right up my street! A lipstick pen, which my daughter keeps trying to steal from me and seems to have disappeared off my desk yet again as I type this! A cute note book which is made from elephant poo!!!! I have absolutely no idea how you would go about making a notebook from any kind of poo, but it is gorgeous, really unusual and smells really nice, kind of like baby lotion! (yes one of the first things I did was give it a sniff when I realised what it was made from) I also got a gorgeous wooden book mark which will come in very handy as I have a pile of about 10 books I am yet to read at the moment!

So thank you very much to @michlan for my goodies I will be enjoying them all!


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