>Garofalo Pasta

>I was recently sent some Garofalo pasta to review by Specialist Foods Limited and was also lucky enough to find some more in the goodie bags from CyberMummy. I received some long pasta (I can’t remember the name because I wolfed it down without even thinking, but it was a wonderful thick spaghetti type) & radiatori to review, plus I received another packet of radiatori and some spaghetti in my goodie bags.

This pasta is a premium brand of pasta and having been made near Pompeii in Italy for the last 200 years, it promised to be a real treat.

First up I tried the radiatori on my rather fussy daughter. One minute she eats pasta and the next she doesn’t but she loved the shape of this pasta and insisted on tuna pasta in her lunchbox made with the radiatori every day for a week so clearly it was a big success.

I also tried the radiatori with some home made pesto and chorizo and it was delicious. The ridged shapes held well and collected the sauce within the ridges making it very tasty indeed. I will be using the other packet for a pasta bake later on in the week.

Next up was the long pasta cut (the name of which evades me). It was noticeably thicker than my usual spaghetti and you could tell just by looking at it that it was of superior quality to the brands I ordinarily buy. I have had this pasta with both bolognaise sauce and meatballs and it was delicious on both occasions and made a noticeable difference to the taste of the dishes.

Garofalo pasta is available from Waitrose in the UK and other speciality retailers and is priced from £1.59 (price taken from Waitrose website tonight) which is exceptionally good value for money considering I often pay as much for pasta which is of a lesser quality. I would definitely recommend this pasta and I can’t wait to cook up a storm in the kitchen with the rest of it!

Disclosure: Please note that I was provided with the above mentioned products for review. I did not receive any further forms of compensation monetary or otherwise. The opinions contained within this review are my own. Should you wish to view my disclosure policy please click on the disclosure tab above.


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