>Keep your home protected

Recent research has revealed that 1 in 3 households in the UK don’t have buildings cover and 1 in 4 don’t have home contents cover. This is a worrying figure, given that burglaries cost the uninsured over £200 million every year. To protect your property and ensure that you don’t become another statistic you should compare home insurance quotes to ensure that you get the best deal around.

As you know I work with offenders, some of whom have made a career out of burglary, so this subject is very close to my heart. But I have also taken statements from victims of this distressing crime, and the last thing they want to deal with after having their home invaded by someone else is not being able to replace the items they have lost. I have previously posted about this subject and have listed some top tips to keep your property safe from burglars which come straight from the horses mouth, see here.

Remember, don’t make things easy for burglars, ensure your home is secure!

Disclosure: Please note that this is a sponsored post for which I have received compensation. Should you wish to view my disclosure policy please click on the disclosure tab above.


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