>My Wii Fit just told me off!

>Not only because I haven’t been on it for 42 days apparently but in that time I’ve put on a shameful 10b! What did I eat for gods sake, a 3 month old baby?

Needless to say I need to get off my rapidly expanding arse and get back on the Wii Fit and back to healthy eating again. Inspired by notSupermum and her Big Momma Challenge and having got my birthday and a visit from my man, and therefore visits to restaurants, out of the way, I am ready to join the challenge and shift the weight I’ve put on recently and carry on with the weight loss I started some time ago. (I had lost 4 and a half stone but that’s been reduced to 3 stone 11lb since I clearly decided to eat my way through most of the food in my local area!)

Ideally I need to lose at least another 70lb which is a massive 5 stone in order to get down to a healthy weight so I’d better get dieting! Like notSupermum I need to list the reasons that I want to lose weight and I am going to stick these on my fridge along with my fat photo to keep me going. My reasons are:

  1. So that I am at a healthy enough weight to have another baby. I blogged about Pregnancy & Obesity the other day and it is blindingly clear that not only would my weight have the potential to make me ill while pregnant it may even be effecting my chances of conceiving and with a history of  fertility problems as it is I don’t need anything else standing in my way of having another baby.
  2. To reduce pressure on my dodgy back. Losing the weight I already have has helped tremendously already, but losing more weight would be even more beneficial.
  3. Being able to run around with my daughter. It’s not that I can’t, it’s more that I feel embarrassed doing so (we don’t have a garden) in the park etc incase someone sees.
  4. Setting a good example to my daughter. She isn’t currently overweight but she is one of the bigger girls in her class and I think that it will be far better for her to have an active and healthy mother than one who eats crap and barely exercises.
  5. To stop running when someone takes out a camera. For someone who used to do a bit of modelling as a teenager I am unbelievably camera shy! I want to have photos of me with my daughter and my nieces, or my partner, not just ones of them on their own.
  6. To look good in my clothes and be able to walk into a shop and buy whatever I want because it’s almost guaranteed to fit me, rather than ordering online so I can save the trauma of those awful mirrors in changing rooms.
  7. Considering I should be moving to Spain in the next few months I will need to wear swimming costumes on a regular basis (probably daily if my daughter gets her way) and the thought horrifies me. I also don’t want to be the one who ends up buried under a mound of layers in the glaring hot sun because my arms are too fat or my legs are like tree trunks.

I hope to lose weight by eating healthy and exercising as much as possible. I plan to:

  • Plan my meals in advance by shopping online and only buying what I need rather than hitting the supermarket and ending up with all kinds of crap in my trolley. I have started on this one already and planned my meals for the next week while shopping online.
  • Do two hours of exercise a week, whether that’s o the Wii Fit or doing an exercise DVD.

I think that’s about it for now, I may well add goals as I go along but 2 are enough to be getting on with this week. If you fancy joining in you can link up to notSupermum’s Big Momma Challenge on her blog each week.

Wish me luck!


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