>Easiest ever ice cream

>My daughter decided she wanted to make some ice cream recently so I searched for a recipe that she could make on her own and found one in Good to know magazine that we both liked the sound of, cappuccino ice cream. (Yes my 8 year old is rather bizarre and likes coffee ice cream and coffee cake)

Here’s a pic of how it turned out. (Not quite too sure why blogger is having a funny turn and insisting on adding photos to my post the wrong way up but it’s been doing it for two nights in a row now so I gave up trying to fix it!)

The recipe is really simple and definitely one for the kids to try. It produces a really luxuriously creamy ice cream that tastes very rich and rather naughty – my poor diet!

You will need:

1 vanilla pod or 1tbsp vanilla extract
450ml double cream
397g can condesnsed milk
150ml milk
2tsp instant coffee granules
1tbsp boiling water

1. Split the vanilla pod and scrape the seeds into a large bowl (alternatively pour the vanilla extract into the bowl). Add the cream and whip until very thick.
2. Pour in the condensed and fresh milk and whisk again until combined.
3. Dissolve the coffee in the boiling water and then fold into the creamy mixture, blending until smooth.
4. Pour into a large shallow bowl and place in the freezer for two hours. (I used a large tupperware type container with a lid)
5. Remove from the freezer. It should be quite thick at this point. And stir, return to the freezer for another hour and repeat until solid.

This is great served with sprinkles like my daughter did, in a cornet or drizzled with chocolate sauce – yum!

She has decided she wants to make tiramisu ice cream (yes she has strange tastes for an 8 year old) next, she said she wants to make this ice cream and add coffee soaked biscuit pieces, then add a layer of ice cream without the coffee in it and sprinkle it with cocoa powder! Quite an imagination. She also came up with toffee ice cream by using some dolce de leche and crushed up honeycomb pieces and also cookies and cream ice cream by using the basic mixture and adding crushed up oreos. Sounds like we’re going to be busy in the kitchen over the summer holidays! I’m beginning to think that my forcing her to watch every cookery programme going has developed a bit of an interest in cooking more than just the odd fairy cake in her so my little monkey may well be the next Nigella!


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