>Big Momma Challenge – Week One Results


Well today was my first weight in day since I started notSupermum’s Big Momma Challenge. I haven’t stuck rigidly to my diet and have allowed the odd treat (plus one incident with a packet of rolos that resulted in me stuffing my face for the entire evening!). I’ve also not exercised as much as I wanted to, but I’ve lost……….

Needless to say I am over the moon and in one week I have lost over half of the 10lb I put back on recently so I am well on my way to losing not only that but the extra five stone (already lost almost 4 and a half!!!) I need to lose to get down to a healthier weight.
I’m not going to set myself any weight loss goals as such as I have done that before and become disheartened when I didn’t lose the 2b or whatever figure it was I set out to lose that week, I’m just focusing on losing and any amount’s a bonus. I need to step up my exercise though as I have been particularly lazy this week and need to get back on the wii fit for purposes other than weighing myself or it’s turned into rather an expensive pair of scales!
Fingers crossed for another loss next week, wish me luck!!

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