>Our day at the hospital

>On Wednesday my daughter had her tonsils out. We saw the doctor at our local hospital a few months ago after being referred by our GP, who did so without argument, infact she asked us if we wanted the operation rather than us having to beg for it which I expected we would have to having heard they weren’t keen on operating on tonsils these days.

E has suffered with her tonsils for some time, having had tonsillitis up to 10 times a year, so as soon as the GP asked if she would like the operation she jumped at the chance. I let her make the decision, she is 8 now and knew what it would involve and she just wanted them out so she didn’t get so ill on a monthly basis any more. Half of me didn’t want her to have it done, the thought of her being in hospital, let alone going under anesthetic and being operated on made me feel quite sick, but I knew that it would mean an end to the pain she was in so often because of the tonsillitis.

So after what seemed to be quite a quick process (considering I couldn’t even get a doctors appointment for myself for three weeks recently) she was offered the operation within 18 weeks of being seen by the consultant and off we went to a hospital on the outskirts of London on Wednesday morning, along with my mum who was there to stop me going into meltdown. E was almost ecstatic by the thought of having her tonsils out and woke up at 6am in the morning without having to be coaxed out of bed at all and was ready and waiting for my mum to arrive to take us to the hospital with her two favourite teddy bears and a huge smile on her face. We arrived at the hospital, got seen by the nurse who weighed her, took her blood pressure and temperature and gave her a gown to slip into, which of course being 8 had to be done with the curtains drawn, she is a grown up now you know! The consultant came round and introduced himself and explained what was going to happen to a grinning E and the anesthetist also introduced himself before we popped down to the play room, played pool and did a painting. E then had some cream put on her hands to numb them and one by one the other girls went up to the theatre and came back again. Being the oldest, E had to wait until last.

Soon it was her turn and my mum and I went up to the theatre with her, my mum waited outside while I went in with her and she made everyone laugh with her horse impressions and giggled even when having a line fitted in her little hand (which she didn’t even notice they’d done at the time), she chatted away to the anesthetist while he pumped various liquids into her hand and then came the time for the “magic milk” which would sedate her while they did the operation, she chatted away while he pumped the creamy white liquid into her hand while I wondered why it didn’t seem to be working, until almost at the end of the liquid he said you’ll start to feel sleepy soon, just as her eyes closed and her hands seemed to move up around her head and drop down to her sides and that was it, she was under the anesthetic. My mum and I were told to go to the canteen and have something to eat as we’d not eaten for six hours and that I would be called to collect her when she came round.

An hour later the consultant came round and said the operation had gone well and there were no complications. Still wondering where she was, the nurse finally told me I could go and get her so back up to the operating theatre I went and there she was sound asleep on a bed in the recovery room. She seemed to sense I was there as she opened her eyes when I stood next to her and sat bolt upright before I got her to lay down again and off we went back down to the children’s ward for her to recover. This was at 12.30 and we stayed there another 8 hours before we could leave. Poor E reacted badly to the anesthetic and was seriously sick which obviously hurt her throat as she lost quite a bit of blood too. All the other girls had gone home and E was still being ill by 6.30 when they should have admitted her for the night. Every time she seemed to perk up and even went for little walks around the ward, she’d suddenly seem overcome with tiredness and start being ill again.

Eventually they gave her anti sickness injections and she finally perked up enough to be taken home 13 hours after we arrived that morning. She insisted on picking up a McDonalds on the way home (me and her nan joined her!) so when she got in she climbed into my bed, had about 3 chips, a nibble on a chicken nugget and a spoonful of her McFlurry and couldn’t eat any more before falling asleep. She had quite a good nights sleep, although I didn’t as you can imagine as I kept checking she was ok, and woke up at 7am. She stayed in bed most of the day watching tv and dvds, had a visit from her grandad who bought her some comics and watched her while I went to the shop to get supplies of “soft” food like hotdogs and bread, before getting up to come in the lounge were she fell asleep on me while we both lay on the sofa (I fell asleep too!) it was like she was a baby again and was really sweet waking up to find her snoring away on me. She has had her ups and downs today, she has been ill a few times and has the biggest bags under her little eyes I’ve ever seen, she’s also taken to inventing her own sign language which usually happens about an hour before her medicine is due as it’s obviously wearing off and her throat starts to hurt a bit more, but ice cream on demand seems to be numbing it. 

I’ve got tomorrow off work too, I was going to attempt to go back as I’m running out of holiday days, but my mum thinks she’s coming down with something so we can’t risk her being near E at the moment, so I get to keep my day off. I’m actually quite glad because although I’m shattered I’ve loved having the day with her and it’s nice to know that my little girl who is so desperate for me to see her as all grown up still needs her mummy when she’s not well!


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