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AXA Respect On The Road is a campaign by AXA to help bring respect and courtesy back to British roads. I’m sure that almost everyone has experienced road rage of some kind and it can not only be annoying, but frightening and downright dangerous in some instances. With a child who often travels in my car this is something that I am always aware of and this campaign sounds like a good place to start to address the attitudes of the nation.
AXA have created a fun and informative website, http://www.ebuzzing.co.uk/rd/11753_1414_197707_11016_8876/www.axarespectontheroad.com/ , where you can view the latest news on the campaign, take a driver survey to find out what kind of driver you are (I’m an excellent driver by the way!), you can comment on your driving experiences, get a quote for AXA Car Insurance, and much more . ..  . .
AXA have created two videos to illustrate the campaign. The first of which is entitled “Road Rage Kids” and brings home how a parents attitude while driving can effect their children and make them believe it’s normal to behave in a completely inappropriate manner whilst behind the wheel, which you can see below:

The second video was created when the campaign took to the streets of London in a black cab and created “Cab Cam”, giving this particular gentleman the chance to voice his opinions on the way in which people drive in and around London, which you can see below:

To keep up to date with this brilliant initiative, join the campaigns Facebook page by clicking on this link , http://www.ebuzzing.co.uk/rd/11753_1414_197707_11016_8876/www.facebook.com/irespecttheroad check out their You Tube feeds by clicking on this link and follow them on twitter @Therespecter.
I respect the road, do you?

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