>Invasion of the ZhuZhu Pets!

>I was lucky enough to be sent some items from ZhuZhu Pets (also known as GoGo Hamsters/Pets previously) recently for E to review and they came all the way from the US thanks to a lovely lady who does their PR.

E has a collection of the Hamsters already. Last Christmas was an absolute nightmare with the hamsters selling out in shops and online in record time and saw people who’d managed to stock up on them selling them for £40 each on ebay! Needless to say E didn’t get one for Christmas, but she did get a couple for her birthday in January instead. Since then her little hamster colony has multiplied to include Chunk, Num Nums, Pipsqueak and Mr Squiggles, plus a skateboard and carry case.

So when a package arrived for us the day before E’s op this week she was delighted to find that it included another hamster called Roxie and also a Hamster Stroller.

This is Roxie in all her punk glory!
And this is Roxy pushing her baby in her stroller

Of course because we didn’t have a baby to go in the stroller, this is what E asked my aunt for when she called asking what she would like as a little present for being so brave when she had her operation and we ended up with a baby called Buttercheeks!

For those of you who haven’t got a Zhu Zhu Pet at home, these little creatures are adorable. A bit bigger than a real hamster but just as cuddly and far less smelly, plus they don’t keep you up all night going round and round and round in their wheels! They are interactive, can talk and move around their habitat. They are so cute to watch and kids of all ages seem to love them. My cat is also rather partial, although I’ve not quite worked out if she’s trying to kill them or play with them yet!

When I first bought E a hamster I’m sure the four she originally had were all that were available at the time (well at least in our local shops anyway), plus a few playsets and since then I’ve seen the babies in the shops too. We’ve recently discovered the Hamster Rockstars since getting Roxie and we’ve now discovered many more in the range too! There are the “Wild Bunch” including a skunk, a hedgehog, a raccoon and a bunny (we so want these!), the rest of the rockstars who are called Pax, Kingston and Ryder (hmmm wonder which celebrity kids they were named after!) and of course we need another baby to go in the other side of the pram – I have been instructed that I have to buy one with a blue nappy called Peanut. There are simply loads of playsets too – E has her eye on the Adventure Ball, Convertible Sports Car, Funhouse Deluxe Gift Set and the Grooming Salon. (that’s her Christmas list sorted this year!) They also have the most adorable little outfits, beds and carriers available too so there’s definitely something for everyone!

I asked E what she thought of her new toys and here’s a review straight from the horses mouth “Roxie is very cute and I like to style her hair in different ways. She makes funny noises and runs around everywhere. If you get hair on her wheels she won’t work so be careful not to get hair on her or you’ll be sad. She pushes the pram around and goes really fast. I love the baby Buttercheeks I got to go in the pram and my mummy is going to get me another one.”

So if you or you kids like the sound of these cute little pets, you can view and buy them at http://www.character-online.co.uk/

Please note, this is a sponsored post for which I received the above mentioned items for review. To read my full disclosure policy, please click on the disclosure tab above.


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