>Big Momma Challenge – Week Two


It’s week two on my Big Momma Challenge that I’m taking part in over at notSupermum’s blog. It started well, I planned my meals, had every intention of exercising and then it all went down hill.

E went in for her operation to remove her troublesome tonsils on Wednesday and I was so hungry by the time we got home I ended up indulging in a McDonalds, exercise went out the window as she’s been feeling so rough and waking me up at all times of the night screaming in pain and I’ve been absolutely shattered and yesterday we made a batch of cookies, only for me to eat about 10 of them!

Needless to say I haven’t lost weight this week, I’ve stayed the same, but that’s good enough for me – at least I haven’t put any on!

This week I have resolved to be as virtuous as possible and plan my meals as much as I can, so here goes a meal plan:


Breakfast – having been woken up at stupid o’clock this morning by a screaming child and spending most of the morning either catching up on sleep or at the doctors I skipped breakfast!
Lunch – Peanut butter on toast
Dinner – “Indian mystery” chicken kebabs from the local butcher (yum!) and cous cous


Breakfast – Toast
Lunch – Chicken and serrano ham salad
Dinner – Meatballs and pasta


Breakfast – Slimfast shake
Lunch – Ham sandwich
Dinner – Spanish chicken


Breakfast – Slimfast shake
Lunch – Chicken and serrano ham salad
Dinner – Spaghetti bolognaise


Breakfast – Slimfast shake
Lunch – Ham sandwich
Dinner – Left over Spanish chicken


Breakfast – Slimfast shake
Lunch & Dinner – If madam is well enough we’re off to a family party so I’ll try and eat as healthily as I can while I’m there.


Breakfast – Slimfast shake
Lunch – Bacon sarnie
Dinner – Left over Spag bol

I’m hoping I can fit some exercise in, depends on how E and I are both feeling though as I feel decidedly dodgy at the moment and of course shattered from being woken up on numerous occasions throughout the night by her majesty standing next to my bed and screaming, which trust me is not the best way to be woken from a lovely deep sleep!

Fingers crossed for a loss next week!


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