>Kitchen "Lust haves"

>I’ve been busy filling up a book I was bought for my birthday with all the cuttings from foodie magazines I seem to collect on a monthly basis. They used to be housed in a magazine file but it was bursting at the seams and I could never find the recipe I wanted with them all being stuffed in. This is my lovely recipe book:

It’s got sections for Starters, Fish (which has been converted to festive foods such as Easter, Halloween & Christmas as I don’t like fish!), Meat, Vegetables, Baking & Desserts. I’ve worked out why I’m such a fattie in filling my recipe book with all the cut out recipes I’ve kept – there are 10 recipes involving vegetables, most of which are potato based, compared to a full baking and dessert section! Think I may have to start revising my food choices before I end up looking like a chocolate cake!

I’m a bit obsessed with cook books, I have a long list I would like to acquire that I haven’t got already, from the Hummingbird Bakery book, to more titles from Tana Ramsay and Rachel Allen and Anjam Anand. I love nothing better than a new cook book, locking myself away and dreaming over the delicious looking concoctions when my daughter is asleep. I also have a foodie magazine obsession and buy far too many each month, but at least I now have my lovely recipe book so I can cut out and keep all my favourite recipes.

The things I lust after most at the moment are items for my kitchen, here’s just a taste of my fantasy items:

The legendary Kitchen Aid mixer
Le Creuset cookware
A gorgeous apron

Not to mention new knives, an ice cream maker, more bags and decorations to ice cupcakes with and some funky printed serving bowls and dishes. I dream of having a huge kitchen with plenty of space for a table that doubles as a place to eat and a place to do work, homework, chat with friends, not to mention a dishwasher! (or at least someone who will do the washing up for me, now that is a fantasy!) For someone with a man in another country and therefore a little deprived of certain things, it’s probably quite odd for cookery items to be my “porn” but I always was a little strange!


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