>Yesterday I was lucky enough to take part in the Nutella Breakfast Briefing at Legoland with a number of other bloggers. It was a fantastic day and my daughter and I (and my mum) really enjoyed it. We arrived at the beautiful mansion at Legoland at about 9.30am and watched the entertainers that Nutella laid on for the kids make balloon animals while we admired the lego statues dotted about the grounds, I went off for the briefing while my daughter led her nan into Legoland to try out some of the rides.

The briefing itself was really interesting, there was a psychologist and a dietitian there who both gave informative presentations on kids and food. Did you know that you can often put an item of food on a childs plate on up to 15 occasions before they will even try it? That certainly rings true for my daughter, although to be honest there are plenty of foods she’s had on her plate far more often than that and she still refuses to eat them, but then my daughter is just as stubborn as I am!

Of course there was the inevitable conversation about Nutella and the fact that many people see it as a treat because it’s made of chocolate right? Well no actually, it’s made from hazelnuts and is clearly labelled as a hazelnut spread yet because of the brown colour of Nutella we often consider it as a chocolate spread and therefore form the opinion that as it’s chocolate it is a treat or something that is “naughty”. The dietitian explained that like for like Nutella actually has the same amount of calories in it as the same amount of butter or jam, she also highlighted that it doesn’t matter when you give your children any type of food, even if considered a treat, because a healthy balanced diet should be encouraged rather than one that restricts food items or clasify’s them as “naughty” or “bad” which the psychologist echoed. Personally I have no issue with my daughter having Nutella for breakfast, I have had Nutella for years and although I often consider it a “naughty” treat for myself (this coming from the woman who took the pot of Nutella to bed the other evening and ate it with a spoon while on a “diet”!!! Not all of it I might add!) it forms part of my daughters diet and in moderation, as like any food, I don’t mind at what time of day she enjoys it.

We rounded the morning off with a cookery demonstration with a lovely TV chef called Alan Coxon who was full of facts about food and had us all giggling throughout the demonstration. He has had a varied TV career, cooked in world renowned restaurants, has his own range of pickles, chutneys and vinaigres and has written several cookery books. He had us competing in teams to make a great breakfast using Nutella as one of the ingredients. We came up with some dips and fruit and @bubbleboo’s from The Thought Bubble ‘s gorgeous little boy was the winner in our team for his very impressive fruit and Nutella face!

Check back here on the 31st for more details of Nutella’s new website and some yummy recipes (I just have to try them out, it’d be rude not to!)

After the briefing we all headed off into Legoland and had a fantastic day. The park is much bigger than I thought it would be and had some pretty impressive rides. My daughter managed to coax me on most of them, I’d forgotten how much fun theme parks could be! We were given a Q-Bot on entry to the park which allowed us to book ourselves onto rides in advance and instead of queuing head straight onto the ride once it was our turn, it saved us an awful lot of time and I thought it was a fantastic idea, if a little expensive as it’s £15 per person on top of the ticket price (luckily we didn’t have to pay) which is £38 per adult and £29 for a child over 3 on the gate, or you can receive up to 30% discount on park tickets if you book online at the moment, plus there are numerous family ticket combinations available too.

Although the tickets seem expensive, it is a theme park after all and there is a lot to do at Legoland, infact there was so much to do we didn’t manage to do everything in the one day and I would definitely go back, infact I persuaded my colleague to book tickets to go next week! The staff are all really friendly and go out of their way to help you. Be prepared for the prices of refreshments and food though – it’s £2.50 for a coffee and I paid £6.90 for fish and chips, when my mum paid £4.90 (I think) for a childrens meal of chicken goujons and chips which included a piece of fruit and a drink and her meal was the same size as mine, just on a smaller plate! There are also tons of shops which are full of lego items and even a clothes shop which has some lovely bits in it, oh and a sweet shop I could quite happily move in to! There are lots of stalls around where you can win huge cuddly toys, be warned though you can spend a fortune playing to win a toy! My daughter set her heart on a huge meerkat but because my mum, my daughter and I are all plagued with the same terrible coordination and throwing ability we couldn’t get the balls into the bucket thing and ended up spending about £20 and having a distraught child on our hands, so no doubt I will have to go find a shop that sells meerkat toys at some point to placate her. It’s clearly doable though as everyone else seemed to have a meerkat! Enough meerkat ramblings, here’s some pics!

I had a great day, the Nutella Briefing was great fun and informative and I got to meet several bloggers I hadn’t met before and Legoland was great, it’s the only place I know you can be in France or looking at NASA space shuttles within a few steps, the models are simply amazing and the rides are brilliant. There’s something for all ages to enjoy and I would definitely reccomend it!

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3 responses to “>Legoland

  1. >Aaaw it looks fab…. I wish I'd been there (I'm not jealous at all lol). You've made me fancy some Nutella now – Not good for my diet though!I got those books – thanks so much for them x x

  2. >I'm not at all jealous either after spending today with @MTJAM and @glowstars telling me how fab it was!!! We are going to Legoland next Thursday and I'm even more excited after seeing your pictures!!!

  3. >Was a fantastic day! I'm rather jealous that your daughter got to go on one of those ball on water things.. they look like lots of fun! 🙂

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