>Nutella Carnival


Having had numerous conversations today (mainly with Magic Mummy from The Diary of a Frugal Family – it seems we are both a little obsessed!) about recipes for various things including Nutella, and of course having a jar of Nutella practically calling my name that I was given at the Nutella Brekkie on Thursday at Legoland, I though what better way to celebrate all things Nutella than to have a Nutella Carnival!

So the challenge is to get cooking with Nutella, whether it’s cakes, biscuits, sweets, or something more imaginative and come back here on Tuesday the 31st August, in time for Nutella’s new website launch, when I will add a new post with a Mr Linky so that you can add your posts and I can enjoy recreating them, along with anyone else who fancies a go.

Happy Cooking! x


7 responses to “>Nutella Carnival

  1. >What a fab idea – Can I post the recipe you e mailed me last night lol.Only joking, I'm sure I can manage some sort of fabulous Nutella Creation…. If not, I'll have fun sampling them all along the way!

  2. >ooh yummy, sounds like a fab idea.

  3. >Ooh, what a fantastic idea!! Can't wait! I'm sure I can find a use for those 2 jars in the cupboard…

  4. >Ooh lush, and with my new jar I have plenty to play with!

  5. >Should I admit I have never tried Nutella?

  6. >Does sneaking into the kitchen at the dead of night and dipping in a teaspoon count as a 'recipe'?!

  7. >Best recipe for Nutella: 1 nice comfortable couch, a nice warm blanket, a teaspoon, a good book, nice music in the background. Dip the spoon in the jar and put in your mouth. Bliss!

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