>Secret Post Club


This months Secret Post Club parcel came from Meloni at A Mouse in the Pantry It was my first parcel from abroad, and this one came from the US and needless to say I couldn’t wait to tear it open.

Meloni had obviously taken the time to read my blog as she knew all about my move to Spain and sent me some lovely Alaska Pea seeds from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds to plant once I get out there, which is one of the things I’ve been rambling on about for ages as I’m desperate for my own little vegetable patch in the garden once I move. My daughter cant wait to plant them and try them either – and this coming from the child who doesn’t eat vegetables! I’m hoping that she will start eating fruit and veg if she has a hand in growing them herself and the peas will be added to the little selection of seeds I’m hoarding at the moment including peppers and rocket.

She also sent me some gorgeous note cards from Wooster & Prince which will definitely come in handy once I’m out there and being the stationary addict that I am I absolutely love the funky designs they come in. I also got a recipe for lemon curd muffins which I will be sure to make (no doubt over the weekend knowing me!) and I may even have a go at making my own lemon curd to use in the recipe. I adore lemon cakes so again Meloni has hit the nail on the head there!

I wish I could have posted photos of the gifts but my computer has died on me and I’m typing this at work so unfortunately I cant show you the lovely gifts I’ve received. So thanks to Meloni for taking the time to read my blog and send me something that I will enjoy and need!


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