>Toyologists Rock!

>While my daughter was away this week with her nan a huge box arrived packed with goodies from Toys R Us for her to enjoy. If you hadn’t noticed already from the Twitter background and the badge on my profile, I am a very proud Toys R Us Toyologist, or should that be my daughter is, although I was probably more excited that she was when the box arrived and tore it open in her absence to reveal a fantastic selection of goodies.

In our box we received:

The lovely Geoffrey the Giraffe who has been cuddled to within an inch of his furry life!

Ravensburger Thinkfun Rush Hour Game, which I quite fancied trying out but we decided we would donate to the hospital that my daughter recently had her operation in. They have a lovely play room there for all the kids and she certainly enjoyed herself in there on the big day and helped take her mind off the operation so hopefully the kids on the childrens ward will enjoy playing it together.

Unicorns & Ponies Sticky Mosaics which are something my daughter cant wait to get her hands on. They look lovely with a choice of 4 designs to choose from and this is something that suits my horse mad little girl down to the ground!

Zubber Bands which look fantastic and allows you to customise your own bracelet bands. My little one cant wait to start making bracelets for all of her friends – and I quite fancy a go myself!

And last but not least, blendy pens. My daughter had been going on about these for ages, but I didn’t have a clue what she was on about! (I’m not one of these cool up to date mums obviously!) We tried these out yesterday after my daughters begging, moaning and sulking got too much to take any longer and she absolutely loves them! They come with 8 posters that once coloured reveal hidden patterns within them, plus some stickers that she’s used to make her own pictures with. To “blend” the pens you use a chamber and insert both pens of your choice into either end and twist, inside the chamber you can see one of your pens taking on some of the colour of the other one and that’s it, after 5 seconds you’re ready to colour. You get a sort of sunset effect with the colours starting off red for example and fading into orange and yellow but I found that they only worked best on small areas as when I was having a sneaky go I kept having to colour over what I’d already done to make it look like it was fading throughout the entire coloured area, but this is just me trying to create a master piece rather than have fun with the pens like my daughter did, however they do work really well on smaller areas and the effects you get are great. These are now her “favourite pens” and she is sitting there “blending” them as I type so it seems that they are a definite hit!

Needless to say we are very grateful to Toys R Us for the toys that we have been sent and can’t wait to get testing the rest of them – notice I said we not her!

This is a sponsored post, please click on the disclosure tab for full details of my disclosure policy.


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