>Toys R Us Toyologists 2nd Box

>Box number 2 turned up on Friday and I was like an excited child yet again. I couldn’t wait to rip it open and see what was inside. This time my daughter has been lucky enough to be sent:

Galt Disgusting Science Kit

Described as “A truly gross and revolting science kit! Discover what actually grows on your body and learn the science behind unmentionable bodily functions while doing some disgusting experiments.”

Needless to say my first reaction was “yuk”! Although my daughter can’t wait to get making “super gross snot”, “a smelly intestine”, “grow her own friendly germs” and “learn what creatures actually live on you”. I on the other hand would rather not! But hey, it may not be quite as revolting as it sounds – I hope! The box contains a number of items ready to make the above mentioned nasties as well as “coagulating fake blood” which sounds delightful. It’s priced at £12.99 and on first glance appears at least to appeal to my daughter even if I will need to get a grip and stop being such a big girl before doing any of the experiments with her. So check back here to see if it goes down well with the daughter and if I have a breakdown making fake snot!

Hello Kitty Rotator Creator

Now this one is more up my street, all pink and girly with not a mention of snot or blood in sight! It’s described as “Make cute Hello Kitty ornaments with the Rotator Creator, simply mix up the plaster in the jug provided before pouring it into the shaped moulds. Give it a spin to create your figure and decorate however you want!”

As you can see above the box contains everything you need to create your own gorgeous Hello Kitty figures, from the plaster to the paints and don’t they look cute! This is priced at £19.99 and appears good value for what you get, but of course we are yet to test it, so check back for a review in the future. (If I let my daughter do it and don’t make the cute little Hello Kitty figures myself!)

Micro Pets-i

My daughter actually screamed when we opened the box and found two Micro Pets-i in the box. Again these have apparently been advertised on tv and I must be making a point to ignore all toy advertising because I missed these ones being advertised too, apparently they were going on the Christmas list and she’s so happy she doesn’t have to wait until December to get some now. Needless to say Geoffrey the Giraffe is a very popular Giraffe in our house right now for sending them to her!

We got these two little cuties:

Meet Pudding……..
…….and Sesame
Both very cute and very tiny! They are described as “Micro Pets will keep you amused for hours, they move, walk, sing and even chase things as if they have a mind of their own! Each pet has their own special talent – just tap the ball with your finger to activate each different mode.”
As you can probably imagine my daughter had these out of their boxes within seconds. They each come with a little ball that you tap infront of them which activates the different modes. When you have two of them together they can duet on songs which is quite entertaining to watch. Apparently if they fall in love they “sing” the wedding march, although these ones tend to go for catchier numbers. (By sing I mean they bark or meow in tune!)
My daughter absolutely loves them and has been playing with them for the last few days non stop, they even accompanied us to the shops at the weekend and my sisters too. I had them in my bag at one point and wondered why everyone kept giving me funny looks until I realised my bag was meowing and barking out tunes because I hadn’t turned them off properly! They’re very small and the little ball they come with is tiny, so no doubt easily lost, but they have created hours of fun for my daughter and although the incessant meowing and barking can get on your nerves, they are very cute. Are they worth £9.99 each? Considering what they can do and the amount of work that goes into something so small, I’d say yes they are and even more so for the amount of fun that kids have playing with them.
Remember to check back for more reviews of the other items in the first two boxes in the coming weeks. No doubt it will be worth it just to see if the Disgusting Science Kit makes me throw up or not!

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