>Indian Tales

>When we were given the chance to review a book from Barefoot Books by Beth from My Good Life, who is a Barefoof Books Ambasador, we jumped at the chance. My 8 Year old daughter adores reading and we even got to pick a book that would appeal to her and her age range. We chose Indian Tales because my daughter has studied India and it’s religions and festivals at school last year and she wanted to find out more.

The book is a large paperback with fun, bright illustrations, making it a joy to read. Inside the cover it reads “Welcome to India! You are about to enter a country that is bursting with colour, life and contrasts. The stories you will find here come from all over the Indian subcontinent. You will read about magical spirits in the mountains of the north east, sneaky robbers and brave heroines in the heard of the Indus valley, action and adventure in the far south and much, much more. And to complete your Indian experience, you’ll also learn some fun facts about each of the states that the stories come from. This is the trip of a lifetime.”  And I couldn’t agree more!
There are 8 stories in the book which are separated into stories from the different regions. Gurjarat, Punjab, Nagaland, Uttar Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Rajasthan and Kerala. Each story begins with a double page spread about the region it comes from which my daughter found really interesting and the stories themselves were fantastic. My daughter couldn’t wait to read the story from Kerala as she knew her nan had visted the area and she also loves the story from Nagaland too. The stories all seem to have a message within them and they bring to life the magic of India as you read.
I would definitely reccomend this book to children who are of an age where they can read long stories by themselves or for parents to read with their children. It would certainly make a good addition for any child studying India at school or just for some fun bed time stories with a touch of magic.
Indian Tales is for children ages 8 and above and is priced at £9.99 for a paperback and £14.99 for a hardback. To purchase this book, or any other book in the Barefoot Books range please visit http://Bethan-Evans.barefootbooks.com 
You can also visit Beth’s children’s webiste http://www.serreth.com/ for more information on children’s books.

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