>Disgusting Science

>A few weeks ago when we got the second Toys R Us Toyologists box I was a little reluctant to see Disgusting Science amongst the goodies in the box, as you can see from my previous post. I’m not usually one for getting my hands dirty and the idea of growing bacteria, making snot, blood and intestines didn’t exactly appeal. My daughter on the other hand was chomping at the bit to get the box opened and start experimenting.

It wasn’t quite as revolting as I first thought and she enjoyed making the snot, blood and intestines with her nan and grandad (I’m thankful that I avoided these ones). I eventually got roped in to growing the bacteria. My daughter dutifully collected samples from inside her mouth, my mums nose (poor mum!), my foot and her grandad’s shoe and we left the samples in their petri dishes to develop. We originally left them for a day and not much seemed to happen so we left them in the airing cupboard and almost forgot about them until my mum shrieked upon opening the cupboard two days later.

No wonder she shreiked! This is what we found in the petri dishes! Now whether this is just the bacteria found on various parts of our bodies, or whether it was the gelatine mixture inside the petri dishes going mouldy in the warmth of the airing cupboard we will never know but they looked utterly revolting! Needless to say the daughter was ecstatic! Especially when hers was the one with the least “bacteria” in it.

The set is priced at £9.99 and I would say it’s good value for money for what you get. Included in the box is everything you need to conduct the experiments at home, and judging by the look on my daughters face as she conducted the experiments it is worth every penny. I would have originally said that boys would love this as it features the word “disgusting” in it’s title, however girls are just as likely to love it if they like making things and finding out about science and how things (by things I mean bacteria) grow. There’s also plenty of things in the box to keep kids happy for hours. However you do have to make your own gelatine mixture to go into the petri dishes which involves heating it and allowing it to cool for a few hours which my daughter didn’t have the patience for. If ready prepared petri dishes were provided I think it would be an even bigger hit as it would allow for the experiments to be conducted a bit quicker and parents won’t have to deal with a moody child while waiting for the gelatine mixture to set. Overall we like this one and would reccomend it.


2 responses to “>Disgusting Science

  1. >My daughter loved this set too, she invited two friends over to experiment with it and they had a great time.

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