>Chocolate Week 11th – 17th October


As many of you know, I am a little bit obsessed with chocolate! So when I discovered a few months back after reading yet another one of my foodie magazines that it was Chocolate Week next week I just couldn’t resist devoting an entire week of posts to the cause.

I will be finding out all about the history of chocolate, telling you about my favourite chocolate company and sharing some of my favourite recipes. I will also add a Mr Linky to my post on Friday so that you can all add your own favourite chocolate recipes for me to try!

For more information on chocolate week, check out the dedicated website I’ve found giving details of companies involved and special events planned. http://chocolate-week.co.uk/ and remember to check back here on Friday to add your favourite chocolate recipes to the Mr Linky.


One response to “>Chocolate Week 11th – 17th October

  1. >Will definitely be checking out your blog this week.. and will try and find a choc recipe to link up with.. have a few favourites!

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