>If you’ve never seen Chocolat, or read the book, you are missing out. I watched the film before I read the book but unlike some films where it doesn’t match up to the book, this film isn’t a let down.

If you haven’t seen it, here’s a peek:

The story is about Vianne Rocher, who drifts into a tranquil french village on the winds of fate, along with her daughter Anouk, in the winter of 1959. Cue much speculation about the towns mysterious (and unmarried) inhabitant and what lies behind the boarded up windows of the old boulangerie.
The newly opened chocolaterie is a source of both fear and attraction for the villagers. Vianne apppears to be able to read their thoughts and revive their passions, which sparks a war on the chocolaterie by the pious mayor who is convinced that she is leading the villagers into sin.
The arrival of some “river rats” or gypsies, led by Roux, sees the culmination of the mayors war against the chocolaterie, a blossoming romance and acceptance of differences. The book and the film allow you to lose yourself in and enjoy life’s simple pleasures rather than focusing on the mundane. It’s a great feel good film (and book) and I’d reccomend it to anyone. Plus Johnny Depp is HOT, so what’s there to lose?
The Lollipop Shoes (US title is The Girl With No Shadow)

The Lollipop Shoes is the sequal to the book Chocolat, by Joanne Harris. You have to read Chocolat prior to reading this book, rather than just watching the film to really understand it, although if you haven’t it is still an amazing book.

Vianne and Annouk are now living in Paris, known as Yanne and Annie. Yanne has another child in this story, Rosette, and does all she can to protect her daughters and make a new more stable life for them. Little does she know the danger lurking right beneath her own roof.

This one is certainly more dark the chocolat and the magical undertones in the previous book are certainly more pronounced. Joanne Harris keeps you hooked to the end and creates a truly evil villain!

So I think you should rush out and grab yourself a copy of the books or the film and while you’re watching/reading you should treat yourself to some delicious Chocolate Brownies.

Remember to pop back every day to see what other delicious chocolately-ness I have up my sleave! And don’t forget you can add your chocolate recipe posts to the Mr Linky on Friday’s post.


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