Montezuma’s is an award winning British chocolate company and I simply LOVE their chocolates.

Since reading about them in a magazine a few years back (sorry can’t remember which one), which was all about how the owners had gone from high flying careers as lawyers in the city to chocolate makers, I have bought their chocolate ever since.

Becoming disillusioned with their lives in London, the couple quit work, sold their home and put their belongings in storage before heading off to South America in search of inspiration to transform their lives. Never did they think the answer would lie in a Venezuelan cocoa plantation.

Having learnt all about cocoa, the process of making chocolate etc, almost a year to the day from their return from South America they opened their first chocolate shop in Brighton on the South East coast of the UK.

Ten years on and their empire has expanded to include online ordering and shops in not only Brighton, but in Kingston upon Thames, Chichester, Winchester and London, as well as their products being sold in other shops accross the company.

As I said I have ordered these chocolates for myself ever since I read this magazine article and I adore them. I shop online at http://montezumas.co.uk/ and the site is really easy to use. The customer service is second to none and of course the chocolates are AMAZING!

You can get Choco blocks, which are huge bars iof chocolate studded with things like brazil nuts, banana and pecans, coconut, sea salt and lime or marzipan and cherry and plenty of other gorgeous bars of all shapes, sizes and flavours.

Truffle boxes filled with a variety of truffles on offer. Truffle bags filled with a single variety of truffles, which have funky names, such as Montezumas Revenge – dark chocolate blended with lime, chilli and tequilla, Moondance – dark chocolate and almond praline, Colombian Cappucino – fresh coffee whisked into a milk, dark and white chocolate frenzy (my favourite) or American Idol – milk chocolate with a salted Dulce de leche caramel centre, to name but a few!

Dainty Dollops, perfect for after a meal and in an array of mouthwatering flavours (mine are Coffee or crunchy peppermint) and chocolate dipped fruit. A great kids range featuring the most adorable teddy bears, as well as turtles, fish, fudge and buttons. Not to mention the glorious hot chocolate and couverture!

In addition to all that there is a great new halloween range currently featured on the website, as well as a preview of the christmas range. So if you haven’t already go check it out!

Remember to check back here for more chocolate related posts later in the week and don’t forget that you can add your own chocolate recipes to my post on Friday.

***Post updated to include some gorgeous pics of the chocolates in question! ***


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  1. >hello yes these guys reall produce the goods

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