>Chocolate Recipe Link Up

>I’ve come to the end of my week dedicated to posting about the delights of chocolate and what better way to celebrate my love of all things chocolate than to have a recipe link up for everyone to share their own recipes. Plus I don’t need an excuse to get baking while I try my hand at being a stay at home mum for the first time in, well forever, so cooking my way through everyone’s favourite chocolate recipes seems like a great way to pass the time to me!

All you need to do is attach your post to the Mr Linky below, and while you’re doing that, here’s a few of my favourite chocolate related pics to whet your appetite!

Chocolate Shoes! (I would say I couldn’t bring myself to eat them they’re so pretty, but that’s a lie!)

One for us bloggers – a chocolate laptop

Creepy chocolate babies, not sure if they fall into the cute category but would’nt fancy eating one!
Choocywoocydoodah is another favourite chocolate shop of mine, just look at some of the amazing things they come up with:

They’re simply amazing! I didn’t know something so intricate could be made with chocolate. The people who work there are clearly artists! You should see the cakes they make too! (I’ve had my eye on a bespoke wedding cake in there for about 5 years, not that I’m getting married but a girl can dream!)
Say it with Chocolate and Chocospell are two other companies, both run by a fellow blogger that I would reccomend (no this isn’t a sponsored post, just like the rest of them for my little contribution to chocolate week aren’t, but she’s my friend and a fellow blogger so I thought I’d big her up!). I first came accross the lovely Emma (and her business partner Lily) at a wedding fair a few years ago and loved their chocolates then as wedding favours, party favours etc but it wasn’t until I met up with Emma at Victoria train station when we all went to Cyber Mummy that I realised I’d met her before. Emma has now branched out into selling gorgeous organic chocolates that spell out a personalised message under the company name of Chocospell too. I’ve tried these chocolates, as Emma was kind enough to send me some samples to pass on to my sister for consideration for her wedding in a few years time and they are delicious and the wrappers can be personalised with numerous designs so they are perfect for every occasion – yes maybe one of the samples accidentally fell ito my mouth rather than making it to my sister, but that’s life as they say!


3 responses to “>Chocolate Recipe Link Up

  1. >Those chocolate babies are seriously disturbing but I am strangely excited by the chocolate shoes lol

  2. >agree – the babies made me look twice, then look away – freaky! interesting collection of pics though!

  3. >Nice to hear someone else is as obsessed as me. Here is a link for you, not for a recipe, but just sharing the love…http://midthirtieslife.blogspot.com/2010/09/chocolate-wars.html

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