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>I’ve just got round to reviewing the rest of the items from box 1 and 2 from Toys r Us and we sure had some fun making things with 3 different craft sets.

First up was the Sticky Mosaics Unicorns set, which I have to say we both enjoyed. It contains 4 pretty unicorn designs, 4 wall hangers to hang them up with and over 3,000 sparkly stickers to create the mosaic effect.

When my daughter first started doing these the backing paper from the stickers was going everywhere and was driving me absolutely mad as they seemed to follow her wherever she went and I was finding them in her bed and all sorts of other bizarre places, but she soon worked out a way to use the stickers without the backing paper going everywhere. (which of course I was pleased about)

Each mosaic kepy her occupied for around an hour each and one of her friends even did one to take home with her too. My daughter has since given another one away to another friend, it seems that little girls absolutely love these things!

At first I thought they seemed a bit fiddly but my daughter seemed to get quicker and find it easier as she got used to doing them. She loved doing these so much she’s put the Fairy Box, Fairies and Princess Palace on her Christmas and Birthday list!

These are priced at £14.99 and for what you get, the amount of fun kids will have from making them and the obvious delight on their faces once they’re finished I think they’re great value for money and would definitely get my daughter some in the future, as well as her friends – they’d make a great birthday present. Plus they’re ever so pretty:

Next up were Zubber Bands something my daughter had wanted to try for quite some time so couldn’t wait to get making. The set contains everything you need to make “zubber” friendship style bracelets, including a mould and lots of letters, numbers and symbols to allow you to write your name or your friends name on on them.

The instructions are pretty straight forward, and the idea is great but unfortunately that’s where it ends for this product. My daughter and I both attempted to make these bands and not once did we get a band that stayed together for longer than an hour. Infact this flimsy thing is one of the better ones we made and it broke the minute it went round my daughters wrist anyway.

The product is a great idea and is certainly something that appealed to my daughter, however it was disappointing and no matter what we tried we simply couldn’t make the bands. So unfortunately this one has a big thumbs down from us!

Last up is the Hello Kitty Rotator Creator which makes adorable Hello Kitty ornaments. Again this is another one my daughter couldn’t wait to get her hands on as she loves Hello Kitty.

It’s another product that is a great idea, you get 6 little moulds, a “rotator creator”, paints and the plaster to make them, plus a jug to mix the plaster in. We started off by mixing the plaster which is very easy to do, then we poured it in to the first mould, placed it in the rotator creator and turned it. It takes a lot of turning to get the plaster to completely coat the moulds and my daughter said her arm ached after we started on the second mould so I ended up having to turn all the moulds for her.

We left them to harden in their moulds before turning them out, unfortunately two of them broke coming out of their moulds and a further one cracked as it was drying so we were left with 3 Hello Kitty’s, which we left to dry before we decorated them. Aren’t they cute!?!

This set is priced at £19.99 and it’s good value for what you get, as we easily have enough plaster left over to make another 3 or 4 sets of the little Hello Kitty ornaments. My daughter loved making them, even if she did get a little tired of turning the rotator creator and the ones that worked are still in one piece today! I would say these need a little bit of practice but the end result is great and again little girls seem to love them so they’d make a good crafty toy for Christmas or birthdays.


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  1. >My little one is still too small for these toys but think the mosaic set will be a must for nieces Christmas presents. Very informative review! Thanks!

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