>Trick or treat?

>Trick or Treat boy - #000001679314 - scary and creepy halloween images and illustrations

One of my daughters friends who lives a few doors along asked me earlier if my daughter would be allowed out trick or treating with him for Halloween. (I’m the scary strict mummy who doesn’t let her daughter go off unsupervised or without knowing where she is at all times like the other parents who live here seem to so they all come ask my permission to do things – love the power!) I said I’d think about it.

The other half isn’t keen on the idea, he said something along the lines of it being a form of begging glamourised by Americans and although I’m not keen on the trick side of things as such I don’t want to be the one stopping her from joining in with her friends and even their younger brothers and sisters. I’m also not keen on her doing it in the dark, it gets dark here about 8pm now so she would have the opportunity to do it before then and I would only want her doing it at houses of her friends that were pre arranged with their parents. That may be wishful thinking here unfortunately, but then again other than her friends houses there aren’t many that are occupied and the area is all gated and fenced off so she would be as safe as she possibly could be without me physically standing there next to her. No doubt her friends will be allowed to go out of the gated urbanisation and into the night to trick or treat all over the place, but that is where I’ll have to draw the line location wise.

What are your thoughts on trick or treating – harmless fun? or begging? And would you let your child go trick or treating with their friends?


One response to “>Trick or treat?

  1. >I have to say I don't like the whole Trick or Treat thing: I don't like people knocking on the door at night myself so feel uncomfortable about children annoying others in the same manner.Thankfully my own son hated dressing up and never asked to go trick or treating (hooray!). If he had done I would, like you, have supervised as much as possible.

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