>As many of you may know, thanks to my week of posts about all things chocolate during chocolate week, I am a little chocolate obsessed, so when I saw that this months prompt on Oui Chef was chocolate I couldn’t resist. (I missed the deadline for the first prompt *sob*)

My daughter and I absolutely love baking so any excuse to try out a new recipe, and we’re digging out the cake cases and baking trays. We decided we fancied making chocolate eclairs so I frantically mixed and mixed (the recipe calls for energetic stirring), baked them and then watched them flop before attempting to fill them with squirty cream (I had two hungry girls waiting for their huge heart shaped eclairs who simply couldn’t wait for me to make the chocolate filling!) and covering them with chocolate sauce. They were quite nice tasting, what with all that cream and chocolate of course, but they collapsed and seemed to be soggy inside even after cooking them for well over the time stated. That said I do have a new oven I’m still getting used to so it may have been a technical hitch rather than the recipe, which is here by the way, and the girls devoured their huge chocolate eclair hearts in minutes so they must have been good! I wish I’d taken a photo of them now, they were huge and did look rather yummy smothered in chocolate. I’ll definitely have to have another go at them soon.

My favourite chocolate recipes that I return to time and time again have to be:

Tana Ramsay’s chocolate chip cookies, which are delicious using any kind of chocolate, whether it’s white, milk or dark.

Chocolate orange brownies, although the recipe is just as nice with normal chocolate, but for me the chocolate orange ones are a winner!

And finally my “piece de resistance”, the one recipe that will always put a smile on the face of someone who professes not to like chocolate is white chocolate torte, the most decadent, chocolately desert I have ever tasted and it’s so easy to make too. Despite making it with other varities of chocolate, and even prefering other types of chocolate to white chocolate, the white chocolate version is simply the best and I’ve lost count of the amount of times I’ve been asked to make it for people. I will hopefully get a chance to make it in the next few weeks and actually take a photo of it for you, it is however just a simple white chocolate torte, that you can decorate with chocolate shavings, red berries, coulis, dark chocolate sauce, white chocolate maltezers, you name it, it can be adapted to suit any occasion or taste. (I am dreaming about it now, I have enough white chocolate to make it, may have to make a dash to the shops for cream tomorrow!)

I’m off to eat some chocolate and look for a recipe for chocolate yule log for Christmas now I’m in the mood for all things chocolate – which clearly doesn’t take much!


4 responses to “>Chocolate

  1. >You know, you're not helping me. There's me trying to fight off PMCC (Pres-Menstrual Cocoa Craving) and you come along, tempting me with words of chocolate orange brownies and the like. Pfft!

  2. >White chocolate torte may well be making my christmas dinner table this year after reading that!

  3. >Ooh, those chocolate orange brownies are just crying out to be made and eaten – all in the name of chocolatey research, of course!

  4. >Hey, hey, hey ladies – less of the 'chocolatey research'. Oh well, go on then. Give me on too.Love that you've recommended some excellent recipes here. I for one prefer white chocolate chip cookies to standard cookies so I'll be giving these a go.Thanks for entering and cook luck. Winners will be announced shortly 😉 Xx

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