>All I want for Christmas……

>This morning we waved goodbye to our second round of visitors in the last 3 weeks so now I can finally concentrate on Christmas rather than playing the perfect hostess (which apparently I am – always good to know!).

The little one and I went to Carrefour yesterday and picked out our Christmas tree and decorations. We left our old ones in storage (aka my mums loft) in the UK so we have had to start from scratch and although the decorations aren’t quite what I had back home, my daughter had fun picking out a whole new set for our new tree. She has been informed that the tree will go up once she tidies her room today (kids in Spain have had 3 days off school for Constitution Day on Monday and the Feast of the Immaculate Conception which is today, they throw Tuesday in as a bonus) so no doubt I will post later in the week to show off our new Spanish Christmas decorations.

I’ve been busy having a look at what I might like for Christmas this morning and true to form it appears that it’s just books books and more books, with a few other bits thrown in:

Product Image
I can’t help it, I do love a good Robbie song and I can use the excuse that my daughter loves singing on the wii, doubt she’d prefer Robbie to her High School Musical one, but I may just have to hide that one!
Product Image

Product Image Product Image  How Not to Murder Your Husband

A couple of “chick lit” reads to keep me occupied
Product Image
Stuffed Vine Leaves Saved my Life by Nadia Sawalha, a book I have been dying to get my hands on for ages. I loved Nadia on MasterChef, as well as in the numerous other tv programmes she has presented and this book of family recipes really appeals to me.
Product Image
I already have one Rachel Allen cookbook and quite simply, I love her!
Product Image
I loved this Channel 4 series, the recipes looked fantastic. The fact it features food from and inspired by Andalucia, where I live makes it a must buy!
Another tv chef I adore. I love the simplicity and amazing flavours of Anjum Anand’s recipes so this book is one I’d love to get my hands on for Christmas.
I came across this wii game while lusting over the Robbie Williams one and swiftly added it to my wish list. It sounds like a great game and from what the reviews say provides a bit of a workout while you try to master the dance moves so sounds ideal for me, plus the little one loves Michael Jackson so it would make a fab gift that both of us would use. Then I stumbled upon a competition being run by one of my fellow bloggers over at The Diary of a Frugal Family, offering the chance to win a copy of the game which as you can imagine I jumped at the chance. To enter the competition yourself click here. Good Luck!
Ooh it does feel good to be blogging again, I have missed it while entertaining visitor after visitor recently!

One response to “>All I want for Christmas……

  1. >My friend lent me the Jamie cookbook and it is really good, we had a nice meal with friends out of it last weekend, hope you get what you want x

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