>Decorating the tree – Spanish style

>On Wednesday after much begging from the little one we put up our christmas tree. This was no ordinary christmas tree. You know the ones that come in three parts you slot together in a matter of minutes? Oh no, this was some kind of devil tree that involved inserting every single branch into the central pole, which was practically impossible to do, especially while being attacked by the resident kittens from next door who’d decided it would be nice to jump on me and the tree at every possible opportunity. Trust me this thing was like flat pack furniture and at one point I felt like doing a Sean from I’m a Celebrity and taking a hammer to it! After about 45 minutes of huffing and puffing and calling the tree all sorts of non festive names, it was up – at last!

We set about decorating it using a box of decorations we’d picked up the day before, everything was in there from tinsel to baubles and all for the bargain price of 14.90€ (there were 50 items in the box and at 1€ a decoration otherwise it seemed like a good deal), and of course some pretty new twinkling christmas lights. Unfortunately one thing the box didn’t have was an angel or a star for the top of the tree so the daughter promptly improvised by giving her toro pride of place at the top of the tree – his little dressing gown and slippers matched the gold and red theme to the tree after all!

The little one was in charge of decorating the tree and I don’t think she did that bad a job actually. I used to spend every year completing redressing the tree after she went to bed, but this year I pretty much left her to it.

What I liked about decorating the tree this year was that we had some lovely cinnamon sugar churros dipped in chocolate to have while we were busy!

These ones aren’t homemade, but if you fancy making your own, here’s the recipe: 


100g plain flour
150ml water
2 tbsp olive oil
1 tsp caster sugar
1 tsp salt
2 eggs beaten
Oil for deep frying
Granulated sugar and cinnamon for coating
Melted chocolate or nutella for dipping


Put the water, sugar, salt and olive oil into a saucepan and bring it to the boil.

Remove from the heat and pour in the flour, stirring with a wooden spoon until it forms a paste.

Return to the heat for 2 – 3 minutes until the mixture forms a ball and doesn’t stick to the sides of the saucepan.

Remove from the heat and leave to cool for a few minutes.

Gradually whisk in the eggs one by one at a time until the mixture is smooth.

Place into a piping bag fitted with a 1cm star nozzle.

Heat the oil in a deep fat fryer or saucepan and heat.

Pipe the dough into the oil in strands the length of your choice, using a knife to cut them off from the nozzle and cook until golden.

Place the granulated sugar and cinnamon (to taste) on a plate.

When the churros are cooked remove with a slotted spoon onto some kitchen paper to blot, then roll in the sugar and cinnamon mixture until coated.

Eat dipped into the melted chocolate (or nutella) or if you’re in a particularly Spanish mood and fancy doing it properly make proper hot chocolate with double cream, full fat milk and melted dark chocolate and dip your churros in to the mixture.

Trust me these won’t be around for long!

This post was written for Oui Chef Table 3 over at beckicklesie.com and this month there will be a few more cinnamon and wine themed recipes to come from me!


3 responses to “>Decorating the tree – Spanish style

  1. >Ooh, they look really yummy! I've never tried them before – I think it might have to be my next kitchen project! 😀

  2. >Bargain! I seem to be unable to find any baubles that aren't blue, red or gold. I Think I'll have to buy some in the UK in the sales for next year.Loving the toro.

  3. >I love your tree, you should link it up to Violet Posy's Christmas tree tour. We used to have a devil tree too but last year I threw it out in a temper and bought a new one from Tescos. I'd love a sophisticated black one but the kids were having none of it and we ended up with a regular one.

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