>Boys Toys

>Next up in my toy reviewing write up marathon is Boys Toys. We were lucky enough to be sent this little lot from Toys R Us to review:

Ben 10 Shaker Maker

My daughter has had the princess version of the Shaker Maker before and made some lovely models of Cinderella and Ariel. She obviously wasn’t so taken with the Ben 10 variety, so we gave them to a friend to try out.

He absolutely loved shaking the plaster around the moulds and decorating them with the paints, they now take pride of place on his window sill.

A great gift for crafty boys.

Blast Lab Messy Mess

This was met with excitement from the little one, she loves Richard Hammonds Blast Lab on tv so was dying to get her hands on it as soon as the box was open.

She enjoys getting messy and making me feel ill with gooey slimy stuff so this was right up her street even thought it was aimed at children slightly older than her and she loved making slime, stink bombs and more.

This would be perfect as a Christmas gift for a boy, however girls who like getting messy would love it too!

Lego Games Hogwarts

A game you can change every time you play, you can rearrange the castle and bend the rules. The aim of the game is to navigate your way around the school collecting all your homework items as you go, before making it back to your common room.

This game is bound to keep Harry Potter fans entertained, unfortunately my daughter has never watched Harry Potter or read any of the books (neither have I) so it wasn’t one that we were particularly enamoured with, however it would make a great gift for someone who does know all about Harry Potter.

Lego Star Wars Grevious Starfighter

Another one not exactly suitable for my daughter! She doesn’t know what Star Wars is and wasn’t particularly impressed with this toy at all, but then she isn’t a boy! I’m sure Star Wars fans (young and old) would jump at the chance to get their hands on one of these. It’s quite big (30cm) and is full of features that fans will love, like secret flick firing misiles, an opening cockpit, a lightsaber rack and more.

This one would bring hours of fun to any Star Wars fan.

Animal Planet Wild Eyes Dinosaur

These cute soft toys will provide hours of fun to both boys and girls. They move, look and sound just like real dinosaurs, with those glowing wild eyes of course!

My daughter liked little dinosaur, she loved learning about dinosaurs at school so this was right up her street, not to mention the fact that she loves nothing more than driving me mad with noisy toys!

GX Racers Speed Car

A great stocking filler for boys this Christmas.

These cars are capable of off and on road performance with the click of a button and can perform all sorts of tricks, from jumping into the air to spinning and they are most definitely speed racers – they’re very quick little things!

We had lots of fun watching the car race about and perform tricks.

Silverlit R/C Black Hawk Deluxe

I think my daughter actually screamed when she saw this one come out of the box! She said she’d always wanted something remote controlled – not that she’d ever mentioned it before!

This is every little (and big) boys dream! It has 3 channel control and radio control for use outdoors and it can even be recharged through the transmitter while you’re out and about, making it a great toy to take to friends houses.

It would make a fantastic present this Christmas, my other half has his eye on it so I think this would be a winner with dads too!

Snazaroo Boys Facepaints

These face paints are always a winner. My daughter and I are building up quite a collection now thanks to having also received the girls version of these.

There are plenty of different designs you can get out of the 8 colours in each set and kids love to paint each others faces – and yours, so watch out!

They are easy to remove too, soap and water or a bit of vaseline should do the trick!

A great stocking filler!

It was great playing with all of these toys, however as they are a little bit too boyish for my daughter, the majority of them have found new homes with friends children who will get more use out of them.

This is a sponsored post for which we were provided with the above mentioned toys to review. Please click on the Disclosure tab above for full details of my disclosure policy.


One response to “>Boys Toys

  1. >I am always looking for ideas on boys toys, so this is a great post. The Ben 10 shaker maker sounds like a good one, I have got a science kit thing already so glad to hear they are good & I am very tempted with the idea of a helicopter!

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