>Girls Gifts

>The third in my series of last minute gift guides – this time lets hear it for the girls!

Not a girls toy as such, but girlier than Blast Lab’s Messy Mess none the less. Another one that was met with excitement as it was pulled from the box. (I think the little one may have a crush on Richard Hammond!) 
This is everything you need to experiment with bubbles – and lots of them! Blow bubbles, blow bubbles inside of bubbles, make different types of bubbles, freeze a bubble, catch bubbles, you name it, you can do it!
I don’t think my daughter or I realised you could have so much fun playing with bubbles before trying this out. She loved it!

A cute little bundle of fur that will keep the little girl in your life occupied for hours!
This little dog (Bumper McBones apparently!) scurries to his food bowl when you open the door to his carry along home and comes with all the accessories you need to take care of him.
My daughter loved this one and he’s taken up residence with her Gogo Hamsters which he seems quite similar too. I can see me having to invest in the little Furry Friends rabbit and cat (I think that’s what they are) before too long!

Another one not necessarily for girls but my daughter seems to be drawn to bouncy balls. You know you often see them in toy machines in supermarkets – well she has some kind of homing instinct and sniffs out the ball machines in seconds!
Needless to say making her own bouncy balls was something that appealed to my daughter and we set about making them using the coloured crystals and moulds provided. She absolutely loved making these and they did turn out surprisingly well and hold their own against shop bought bouncy balls too.
These would make a great stocking filler for boys or girls this Christmas.

Neither my daughter or I were familiar with Monster High, but she loves her Frankie Stein Doll (daughter of Frankenstein I’ll have you know!).
Frankie is a bit of a fashionista, along with her friends who go by the names of Lagoona Blue, Clawdeen Wolf and Draculaura, among others and she comes with her own diary and her pet dog Watzit.
She’s like any other doll, completely poseable and you can brush her hair too, perfect for girls who like dolls that are a little different or even older girls who are too cool for Barbie and Cindy.

Another one not necessarily for girls, but the daughter grabbed these the minute the came out of the box. She loved the Blendy Pens we previously reviewed in the same range and the thought of blowing ink all over the place clearly got the better of her.
They seemed to work very well and don’t run out quickly either. She did all of the stencils on more than one occasions plus some of her own designs and they’re still going strong. I think the novelty of using pens in a different way, rather than just drawing with them appeals.
A brilliant stocking filler for kids of all ages!

What little girl doesn’t like jewellery?
This is a great idea, you make necklaces, bracelets and hair accessories with the touch of a button and let the units twisting and spinning motion do the rest, adding beads to add a bit of bling along the way, and it does work – most of the time! We had a few hiccups with the thread getting tangled, but on the whole we did end up with some pretty bits of jewellery that have regularly been worn since!
A great way for girls to enjoy science and learn about their sense of smell with this delicious smelling science kit.
My daughter loved making the bath bombs and scented crystals, as well as the scented paper and many more experiments that are included in this kit. She even created her own “signature scent” as she calls it.
A must for budding scientists and beauticians.

This set includes everything your little girl needs to create her own body art, all in a pretty flower shaped carry case.
There’s stickers for your Barbie and 50 tattoos for you to create using your airbrush – not forgetting the glitter!
My daughter enjoyed this one, she’s always on at me to get a tattoo when she sees a stall offering them and more often than not I decline so she really made the most of having her own tattoo centre a her disposal!

This is a sponsored post for which I was provided with the above mentioned toys to review. Please click on the disclosure tab above for full details of my disclosure policy.

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