>1 Year Old!

>That’s right, my blog is one year old today! Started out of boredom, it has grown into a blog that I enjoy writing and I’ve waffled on in 267 posts, which is around 22 a month so it seems art mimics life in that I don’t stop talking in “real life” either!

So here’s a little run down of some of the posts I’ve written in that time:

December 2009 saw me throwing a strop over my partner landing a job in Gibraltar, then realising that it could mean a new and exciting life for us abroad in Viva Espana!

In January I wrote about motherhood and How becoming a mother has changed me in an essay I wrote for an NCT course I was doing at the time, which was later published by the NCT. There was the one where he jetted off to sunnier climbs and left me back home in Blighty in And he’s off. In a Letter to my nan I wrote what I wanted to say to my nan who suffers from alzheimer’s and in Thank you mum I thanked my mum for everything she has done for me, despite my once being a nightmare teenager! And in Being a single parent I wrote about what it means to me to have been a single parent. (It seems January was a busy month blog wise!)

Kids on marriage in February was an interview with my little girl to which I received some rather cute answers.

March saw me dedicating an entire post to My little girl which I hadn’t seemed to do up until that point and in It’s official – I’m moving to Spain! you can pretty much guess what I talked about!

In April I was lucky enough to have a piece I’d written on being a young mum published in I’m a published author!

And in May I took part in Guest Post Day with a moving post from a fellow blogger.

In June I told you all about the Longing I felt to become a mum again. (It’s still a work in progress but fingers crossed 2011 will be the year!)

The funny things that kids say saw me publish some of the funny things that my daughter had said to me in July and of course I blogged about going to CyberMummy in CyberMummy – the rise of the mummy bloggers

In August I wrote about being unorganised when it came to all of the events/dates etc I needed to remember for my daughters school in School Daze, went on a great trip to Legoland with some fellow bloggers which caused such a stir it will be forever known in my mind as “Nutella-gate” and I wrote about being officially jobless and homeless in I did it!

In September I asked Are your eggs past their “use by” date? in a post about new tests that have become available to pinpoint exactly when a women’s fertility will decline.

In October I wrote about arriving in my new home of Spain in Hola mis amigos!. I shared a post about A moment that stuck in my mind. Told you all about what you won’t know until you move to Spain in One week in and hosted the The best of British mummy bloggers carnival. I then got Lost in translation with some school work of my daughters with hillarious results and we had A trip to the hospital

November was time for The Friday Club: Encouraging learning at home and for me to write about one of my favourote subjects: Chocolate for Oui Chef

So far this December I’ve joined in with The Friday Club: Foolproof childrens meals, written a post about Decorating the tree – Spanish style, got my blog into a list in I’m in a list!, made some gorgeous Tapas for kids for Oui Chef and told you all about Christmas in Spain.

So here’s to another year of me waffling on about everything and nothing! Thanks to everyone who has offered friendship and advice along the way and thank you to those of you mad enough to read my blog! x


3 responses to “>1 Year Old!

  1. >Happy Birthday to youHappy Birthday to youHappy Birthday dear blo-ogHappy Birthday to youx x x x x x x x x x x x x x

  2. >Happy birthday and I have really enjoyed following your blog over the year and your move to Spain, have a great Christmas x

  3. >A belated Happy Birthday! You have been busy. 🙂

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