>The best things in life

>Reading an issue of Red Magazine last night, I decided to adopt one of their ideas. On the back page of every issue is a page entitled My best things in life, where celebrities are asked certain questions about the things they love, so I decided to give it a go myself.

Best item in my wardrobe

Nothing flash in my wardrobe I’m afraid, I don’t think they make designer clothes for fatties! The item I like the most however is a simple black waterfall cardigan I got from Asda for about a tenner! It’s a long sleeved, lightweight, almost sheer, woolen cardigan that goes with everything from dresses to jeans and is ideal for wearing during the day here now that the sun isn’t quite so high in the sky!

Favourite style icon

I remember seeing a picture of Grace Kelly when I was a little girl and thinking she was the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen, like a princess – then I was told she was infact a princess.

Grace started her theatrical life at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York, she made her Broadway debut in The Father and at 19, she appeared in the Philadelphia Story, a role in which she also ended her acting career in the MGM production of High Society, which was the musical film version of the the production.

She went on to star in numerous film and television productions, including Sinclair Lewis, Fourteen Hours, High Noon, Mogambo (for which she won a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actress and her first Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress), Dial M for Murder, The Bridges of Toko-Ri, Rear Window, The Country Girl, Green Fire, To Catch a Thief and The Swain.

It was during a trip to the Cannes Film Festival that she was invited to participate in a photo shoot with Prince Rainier III of Monaco at the Palace of Monaco. Prince Rainier later visited the US and met with Grace and her family, 3 days after which he proposed.

On the 18th of April 1956 Grace Kelly married her prince and became Princess Grace of Monaco in a ceremony that was broadcast around the world and attended not only by the world’s royalty, but by the film worlds gliteratti.

Grace’s acting career came to an end when she became a princess, she had 3 children with her prince and established a charitable foundation with the aim of helping people with special needs, who at that time there was no provision for.

The most beautiful woman I’d ever seen, had her life cut tragically short when driving with one of her daughters in 1982. She suffered a stroke which caused her car to veer off the road and down a mountainside, she died the following day from her injuries.

So why do I think she was a style icon? That wedding dress for a start is still copied again and again over 50 years after she wore it! She had an elegance unlike any other and a stunning natural beauty. Naturally curvy (just check out that picture at the top) she knew what suited her and always looked stylish and elegant, something I can only hope to aspire to!

Best ever food

Chocolate, whatever it’s form – whether it’s in a cake, hot chocolate, chocolate mousse, chocolate sauce, or just a plain bar of chocolate. I love the stuff! (see why I can’t lose weight!)

Best way to unwind

It would have to be having a deep bubble bath then climbing into bed with a book or magazine and enjoying the peace and quiet.

Favourite holiday destination

Turkey is probably my favourite holiday destination. I have holidayed on the Bodrum Peninsula on numerous occasions as both a party mad carefree teenager and a few years ago when a friend and I returned to try to “recapture our youth” – we found we were just old and boring compared to all those carefree teenagers that had replaced us, but we still had a marvellous time. The area has something for everyone, clubs and bars, ancient ruins, beautiful beaches, spas and pretty villages.

Best confidence boost

Getting whistled at by a builder! (or anyone come to think of it!) This doesn’t happen much anymore, my ample frame has put an end to that, but doesn’t it just put a smile on your face!?!

Favourite drink

This has to be Ammeretto. I love the stuff! I bought myself a bottle at Christmas and have been surprisingly reserved with it so far. I like it on the rocks, with coke and in coffee. It’s also delicious in almond and chocolate based desserts.

Favourite book

The Constant Princess by Phillipa Gregory. This book is written by my favourite historical novelist and I read it after I read The Other Boleyn Girl, also by Phillipa Gregory, and it is a wonderful book about Catherine and her struggle to ensure her birthright – the throne of England.

Best childhood memory

Many a childhood memory was formed in Hastings, East Sussex. My nan and grandad had a caravan here on the cliffs overlooking the town and sea and we spent plenty of holidays there enjoying walks on the beach, building sandcastles, visiting playgrounds and I even had the odd birthday here too. I absolutely loved it and even took my daughter to the Haven Holiday Park here when a few years ago.

Favourite Indulgence

It has to be a pamper day. Getting my hair done in a hairdressers, rather than doing it myself or having my friend do it. A manicure, a pedicure a massage and a swim. Heaven! (Not that it happens very often)

Best Download

I don’t really download anything, I don’t have an ipod, an iphone or an ipad (sob) so I don’t really need to download stuff. I have however recently discovered a site called zinio that has online versions of some of my favourite magazines from the UK so instead of paying an absolute fortune to get them here, I can pay the UK price and just read them online. Seems like a great idea for us expats.

Best friend

I don’t have a best friend really. I have a friend I’ve known the longest but our lives have gone in different directions and we don’t talk that much these days. I have a friend where I used to work who I can talk to about anything and always knows how to make me smile, online friends who I can call on when I need something who have proved to be better friends than I could have ever imagined and of course my man who despite the odd argument is someone I can talk to about anything.

Best high street shop

It has to be Evans for shoes without a doubt, they cater to my rather large trotters and I miss that shop desperately, as you can see from this post.

Best day of my life

Without a doubt the day my beautiful little girl was born, which you can read about here.

The best thing in life

My family, both my immediate little family of 3 – me, the man and my daughter, and my wider family.

What about you? What are the best things in your life?


10 responses to “>The best things in life

  1. >What a lovely post although it's sad that you don't have a best friend….nice though that OH makes up for it!!! I'm totally with you on the chocolate thing…exactly the reason I'll never be less than a size 16…actually would be nice if I could make it to being a 16 😉 xx

  2. >I'm with you there Emma, size 16 would be rather nice right now! x

  3. >Ooh I think I might have a go at this. And I'm with you both on the size 16!

  4. >I loved reading about Grace Kelly.And I second what you say about Turkey.And yes to pampering and family, too! Looks like we have a lot in common!BlogGems #25

  5. >Great list. I learned some things I never knew about Grace Kelly.

  6. >Great list and I loved the part about Grace Kelly. I read her biography years ago and found it fascinating. I remember the day she died…so sad.xx Jazzy (via Blog Gems)

  7. >Hi, Great post, I might have a go at this too. I found you through British Mummy bloggers and now following, nice to see another ex-pat!

  8. >I think I will have a go at this too as its a great idea and I also found quite a fascinating read x

  9. >Gotta agree with chocolate, although roast lamb is a close second (apologies to any Vegans out there)I'm here from Blog Gems

  10. >I spent my summers in a caravan too, by the sea and have great memories of it:) Thanks for joining in Blog Gems. Jen

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