>Cooking with kids – Cheese straws

>The lovely Magic Mummy from over at The Diary of a Frugal Family has come up with a great idea to encourage parents to cook with their kids. Cooking with kids is a fortnightly challenge, the first of which is cheese straws, which I jumped at the chance of cooking when I read her post.

My nan cooks these every year at Christmas and as we haven’t been in the UK to take advantage of her culinary skills, we didn’t get any of these tasty morcels this year, until now! I was dreading having to go all the way to Gibraltar to get some Cheddar cheese, as lets face it, they aren’t the same without cheddar in them, but I actually found some in the local supermarket this morning. Needless to say I was making these with my daughter practically the minute I set foot through the door!

Like Magic Mummy, we decided to make them into shapes rather than cheese straws using our cookie cutters so we have a selection of flowers, hearts and stars, which are absolutely delicious.

The recipe makes loads of them, most of which have been eaten already!

Not being one not to add my own stamp on a recipe, I couldn’t help but add some of this:

I put it in practically everything these days, for those of you who can’t work out the translation, it’s sweet paprika and goes really well with the cheese, giving it a little something extra. I’ve also made cheese straws before spread with a little pesto and twisted the straws so that the pesto runs down the middle of them, giving them a little extra flavour, and of course they are also delicious twisted with a thin slice of parma ham twisted into them – think I’ll be making those ones next!

So what are you waiting for, get cooking your cheese straws with the kids and head on over to add your post to the Mr Linky at The Diary of a Frugal Family.


5 responses to “>Cooking with kids – Cheese straws

  1. >My daughter would love these! Between bread and cheese, her two favorite foods, it can't get any better 🙂

  2. >Wow! These are my two favorite things! The cheese and the bread have always been my comfort food.

  3. >Wow! These sound like fun. We did sphagetti Arrabiatta last week. It's cheese straws next.

  4. >I can't believe you never saved me one!

  5. >Like you, we love paprika. So glad you found the cheese and were able to take part. It sounds like you had lots of fun 🙂

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