>Fitness Friday


Now that the parents have headed home, the fiestas are over (well until the next one anyway!) and the daughter is back at school, I have decided to tackle the weight again! I started out losing 4 stone the other year, but failed to keep it up after the man moved out to Spain and put some of it back on, luckily I didn’t increase in dress size again though!

I have only weighed myself twice since I got here 3 and a half months ago, once a few weeks after I got here and I’d lost 5lb what with all the packing and cleaning and when I weighed myself on Tuesday I was happy to find that despite several meals out with our numerous visitors, Christmas, the Spanish equivalent of Christmas and my addiction to the bread out here, I had lost another pound! But more work still needs to be done and as I have a lot to lose I’ve decided to join in with Fitness Friday and Big Momma’s Challenge to get the support I need to get my rather large behind in gear and shift those pounds!

So here’s a little bit about me and why I want to lose weight:

Name: notsosinglemum
Blog: TheDiary of a (not so) single mum
Twitter: @notsosinglemum
Starting Weight: Yeah like I’m gonna tell anyone that, anonymous blog or not!Target Weight: Again you won’t be getting this one out of me either!Amount Lost: N/A
Amount to Lose: According to the “healthy weight” things I need to lose 7st 5lb to fit into the healthy weight category – yep I’m a fat cow! However I was about a stone over what is suggested as my healthy weight when I was a size 12 and for someone who is quite tall you can’t tell me that a size 12 is fat or unhealthy, so I’ll stop losing weight when I feel comfortable at whatever weight I reach.
Dress Size: 20 (yep far too big, but then before I lost weight last year I was a 30 so I’m already 5 dress sizes down!)
Target Dress Size: 14

My Favourite Baddies: Chocolate (in any form), barra de pan (french stick), alioli and pork pies (not that you can get them here in Spain so that’s lucky!)
My Favourite Goodies: Erm, not much as i don’t really like fruit or veg but I can force myself to eat a”salad” or lettuce and grated carrot with a bit of salad cream on top! I like apples and pineapples and my other half complains I always cook chicken dishes, so at least that’s one decent protein I like!
Foods I’m Cutting (Cold Turkey): None, if I want it I’ll have it or i’ll only end up on a binge eating everything in sight and end up eating more calories!
Foods I’m Adding: More fish (well tinned tuna anyway – another thing I don’t like is fish!), veg of some description in or with every meal an low fat yogurts and fruit.

Why I want to lose weight: Lets face it, I have a lot of weight to lose, I’m a fatty! Luckily I have no health problems associated with being far too chunky for my own good, even my doctor was astounded I’ve never so much as even had high blood pressure! However I do have a dodgey back and although it’s not caused by being overweight the more weight I lose the less often I tend to “relapse” and end up confined to my bed unable to move (touch wood it hasn’t happened for two years to date!). I also want another baby, my daughter is almost 9 and although I don’t particularly fancy the sleepless nights etc all over again now that I’ve been well and truly removed from all of that since over the last few years, I desperately want another one. I do however have fertility problems, I went for years and years without having a period thanks to having the depo provera injection after my daughter was born and they’ve never returned to normal, I can go for months without one, yet when I lose weight they become more frequent, so losing weight may help things to get back on track so to speak. I’m also aware that becoming pregnant while overweight carries numerous risks, so getting the weight off is a priority.

Of course I also want to be able to feel comfortable in what I wear, more so now that I live in Spain. Who really wants to be hiding under larger clothes that cover up lumps and bumps in 40 degree heat, it’s bad enough in the 20+ degree heat we’ve been lucky enough to have recently! I would love to feel confident diving into the pool this summer, rather than edging myself into the pool and grabbing a towel the second I get out – here’s hoping!
 My Fitness Plan: I have joined Weight Watchers online and am currently following their new Pro Points system. I’ve been on Weight Watchers before with not much success (I’m usually a Slimming World girl), but their online package is better than others for value for money and I have a Weight Watchers meeting just down the road should I fancy going once I get into the plan and find I need a bit more support. I started on Tuesday of this week, so I’m only a few days in and I seem to be doing ok, although I seem to be eating more than usual!

I have a wii fit to use at home, numerous exercie dvds and of course a whacking great hill/mountain outside my urbanisation to climb to get my daughter to and from the school bus so that shuld hopefully do the trick exercise wise.

Wish me luck!


4 responses to “>Fitness Friday

  1. >Hi, sounds like we have similar stories- I dropped from a size 26 to a 16 before I got pregnant (lost 7 stone) Then put some on again when I was pregnant, now I'm an 18 and trying to drop 4-5 stone to get into a 12/14! Well done on your loss this week!PS, How are you finding ProPoints? I've been debating whether to sign up online or not, but I can't really figure out what's different from the website!

  2. >Good luck to you, lets hope those pounds and stones keep coming off at a good steady pace! Hope you had a great Christmas and St Stephens day x

  3. >Good luck! It sounds like you had a lot of success last year and kept a lot of weight off, so I'm sure this year will be even better for you. Here's hoping you'll be in nice sleeveless dresses by summer!

  4. >Good luck. I'm doing Fitness Fridays too so I'll be here cheering you on x

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