>Reasons to be cheerful



I’ve been meaning to take part in Michelle at Mummy from the Heart‘s Reasons to be cheerful and after a quite frankly crap day I thought it would be the perfect excuse to try and cheer myself up!

The sun may be shining on the Costa Del Sol but my mood is anything but sunny! Our car is being given up tomorrow thanks to the dodgey company we leased it from playing silly buggars and numerous threats from the wannabe gangster that runs it over the last few days (they don’t call it the Costa Del Crime for nothing!) which leaves my partner a two hour bus journey plus a half hour walk away from work and unable to work his usual hours which obviously won’t go down well at work. It’s the daughters birthday soon and all plans for taking her out have gone out of the window and of course even simple things like getting to the nearest supermarket over a mile away (along a motoway so it can’t be walked safely) are going to be very difficult. But, this post is about what makes me cheerful, so on with my reasons to be happy:

1) My beautiful little girl. She turns 9 soon and is so excited about her birthday it’s almost infectious! Just one smile from her and it’s enough to cheer me up.

2) The sun is shining – yeah I know rub your noses in it and all that! But things seem so much better when the sun is shining. I was walking to the school bus stop earlier and the views from up here are fantastic and look so much better when it’s sunny. The sea which takes on numerous colours from almost purple to turquoise throughout the day in one direction and a huge mountain in the other which is a bright orangey red when the sun’s shining. I love it here!

3) I suppose being without a car means more walking which will help with the diet, especially with a huge hill in the way of my getting anywhere! Fingers crossed I’ll be a lot smaller very shortly!

Make sure you pop on over to see all the other entries here and wish me luck for all that hill climbing!


3 responses to “>Reasons to be cheerful

  1. >I am not even going to comment on the sun thing, really, I am not envious at all (much)!! Jen

  2. >Uh oh – sounds a bit of a nightmare but I like your reasons to be cheerful (excluding number 2 for obvious reasons lol). I hope you get something sorted soon x x

  3. >Well done with still being cheerful. I won't moan at you for the sun thing as we've usually got sun here although I'm so cold at the moment (even though it is 17degrees!)

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