>Reasons to be cheerful

>Reasons to be Cheerful at Mummy From the Heart

A little late in posting this week, but then I don’t think I’ve even blogged yet this week! In my defence I have been rather busy looking for houses (we want to move from our rather mould infested house into a less mould infested house, although I’m told such a thing is hard to find in Spain during the winter months), trying to find some kind of transport (yep still no car and no possibility of buying one at the overinflated prices here – £5k for a 10 – 15 year old car with bits falling off it anyone?) and trying to organise something for my daughters birthday (again without a car so with limits on how far we could go).

So again yet another stressful week, but it’s had it’s highlights and “reasons to be cheerful” from Michelle over at Mummy from the heart is the perfect way to get blogging again before the week is over.

1. As I mentioned it was the litte ones birthday and she was a whole 9 years old! I’ve kept her alive for 9 whole years, which in itself is a reason to be cheerful, but she had such a lovely birthday and it didn’t involve the usual trip to the indoor play area at £15 a head for a minimum of 15 kids back in the UK. It was a cheaper (although not less sedate affair) involving two pizzas, a few friends, twister and a cake, followed by a meal out with just me and the man at her favourite restaurant and she loved it!

2. I lost 3lb on the diet. I wasn’t particularly good, I followed the Weight Watchers Pro Points plan to a point but lapsed slightly with chocolate etc. I think the loss is down to cutting out the delicious bread I was eating every day and although I don’t have high hopes for this weeks weigh in as I drank my body weight in shots and champagne recently (and on a school night!) the week after shouldn’t be too bad as I will be braving the mountain morning and afternoon to walk the daughter to and from her school bus every day.

3. My friend has made me very cheerful this week. She’s a neighbour who has become a great friend in a few short months and we had the best day this week at a beauty salon when we treated ourselves to a cut, colour, manicure etc and then we decided to get our eyebrows waxed. It seems the beauty therapist had other ideas and decided to tint our eyebrows instead, cue much hysterical laughter in the beauty salon (I’m sure they thought we were drunken tourists) and for the following few days. I have literally never laughed so much before! She’s also been an absolute star since we had to give up our car and made sure she included me when she went shopping and even just popped out, knowing that without her I’d be stuck indoors on my own all day.

Well that’s my reasons to be cheerful, it was certainly easier to come up with them this week than last and hopefully I’ll have plenty more next week too!


3 responses to “>Reasons to be cheerful

  1. >Friendship certainly makes the world go round.

  2. >A fab lists, glad your little girl had a good birthday and good luck with the house/ car hunting.Mich x

  3. >What a lovely neighbour! never had my eyebrows tinted!

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