Cooking with kids – cupcakes

I almost forgot the deadline for the cooking with kids cupcake challenge was today so thought I’d better hurry up and post my entry!

When I told my daughter we were making cupcakes as a challenge her friend Miss Frugal’s mummy had set, she couldn’t wait to get baking and I think she’s done a fantastic job! She loves icing cupcakes (and licking the bowls of course!) and wanted to try out her skills with a piping bag. I was dreading it as I make enough mess myself when I use one and I’m not exactly great at icing cakes this way, but after a few attempts she was icing and decorating them with little pink hearts (for valentines day) beautifully and she’s very proud of herself!

Here is her creation:

Now I know I’m biased, but I think that’s one hell of a cupcake for a 9 year old to make and decorate herself!

The cupcakes were almond cupcakes with a white chocolate frosting and were absolutely delicious, for the recipes, click on the links above.


2 responses to “Cooking with kids – cupcakes

  1. You’re right – that is AMAZING! My daughter is 9 and I don’t think we’d get anything like your LOs creation! Well done you; I hope they tasted as good as they looked.

  2. Now that’s impressive 😉

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