Favourite Family Meals

Today on the Blog Dare it’s all about favourite family meals. This one is an easy one for me, I’ve posted about my daughters favourite food on several occasions now, so instead of writing about them all over again I thought I’d link to some of my previous posts.

What child doesn’t like tapas? Little bites of their favourite foods which turns it into a real novelty and is guaranteed to have them tucking in. Since moving to Spain my daughter has become far more adventurous with her food and this is mainly thanks to the tapas she has tried in the beachfront bars and cafes. She adores creating her favourite dishes at home, which you can read all about here.

Home made chicken nuggets are another favourite. By making them ourselves I can ensure they are full of fresh chicken breast rather than whatever is put in them by the manufacturers and they are delicious!

Next up is Coq au vin with a twist . I’m always on the look out for meals that my daughter will eat and having managed to get her addicted to Spanish chicken  I thought I’d try her with another recipe (she’s a fussy little thing!) and luckily she adored it, although I have to refer to it as “French chicken”. It’s something the whole family love and one that I can pull out when guests come for dinner and they are always guaranteed to want more, much like with Chicken Basque, which is another family favourite.

Then there’s Spanish style roast chicken, which is unbelievably tasty and my daughter always asks for me to make again and again.

Last but by no means least, is Spaghetti Bolognaise. Who doesn’t have a recipe for this classic dish? This one is a diet version, but is by no means any less tasty than a fat packed version. I used to blitz the sauce so that there were no visible vegetables in it, but these days I can get away with leaving them as they are and my daughter will still eat them.

Do you have any foolproof child/family friendly recipes?


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