Electrocuting myself to a size 12

A while back I was given the chance to review a Slendertone Abs system. Of course being a bit of a fatty I jumped at the chance to try anything that could help tone me up or shift some weight! Unfortunately due to a bought of bronchitis I didn’t get to try it out properly until after Christmas, the combination of electric shocks and barely being able to breathe while coughing 24/7 is not a good combination trust me!

When I received the Slendertone I was met with a box showing off one of he most toned stomachs I’ve ever seen in my life. I doubt I even had a stomach that flat when I was a child, let alone in more recent years and is something I can only dream about. I was not under the illusion that the Slendertone could correct years of abuse to my stomach muscles from pregnancy and of course stuffing myself with pork pies and chocolate at every possible opportunity, however having seen them around for years and knowing how popular they are I thought seeing if they could do something to help shift a few inches couldn’t hurt.

Inside the box you will find the belt, the unit which is what generates the “signals” to your muscles causing them to contract, the unit connector, a pack of 3 adhesive pads which are what the “signals” are sent through, a battery charger and the instruction manual and a quick start guide. The instruction manual looks a little daunting as it’s quite thick and therefore more of a small book, but it’s in several languages so don’t let that put you off. It contains lots of pictures to help you set up the belt so it’s ready to use, the 30 day plan with a diary at t back of the book to record your sessions and useful FAQs to help you get the most out of your Slendertone.

It was easy and quick to assemble, the gel pads are a bit cold and wet to begin with, but you get used to them quickly. The first session I was a little nervous of just how painful the contractions caused by the belt would be but after a few minutes you get used to them and you can get on and load your dishwasher/watch tv etc while you have it on without drawing too much attention to yourself. (I imagined wincing every time it delivered a shock) As you progress through the 30 day programme you gradually increase the intensity and duration of use and at first I  couldn’t imagine ever being able to reach the higher frequencies, but you do and it’s fine. It feels almost like the TENS machine I used during labour actually, so if you’ve ever used one of those you’ll know what you’re letting yourself in for.

So did electrocuting myself give me the body I’ve always dreamed of? No, of course not, that would require surgery that no amount of flexing my muscles will ever achieve. But in 6 weeks I have lost 4 inches from my waist and half a stone. Now I should tell you I was dieting and exercising the whole 6 weeks I was using the Slendertone, but in truth I dieted for a week and stopped again, going back to my cake and chocolate munching ways, plus I didn’t do any formal exercise at all, the only thing I have done is walk to and from my daughters school bus stop more frequently after giving up our car. I can’t say the Slendertone has been the cause of the weight and inch loss but it may well have contributed and that’s a good enough excuse for me to keep on using it.

For more information on Slendertone’s products, visit www.slendertone.com

Please note this is a sponsored post for which I received a Slendertone Abs System to review. For details of my disclosure policy please click on the Disclosure tab above.


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