Silent Sunday

Silent Sunday


12 responses to “Silent Sunday

  1. OMG, how many are there?!! We have enough with one!

    CJ xx

    • I think there’s about 30 in total, couldn’t fit them all in the one photo! They’re all at the local park so even though we cant have a cat here we still get to go have cuddles with them every few days!

  2. Now this looks like my kind of place lol

  3. is this at the the new house?

    • It’s at our local park, we can’t have pets in the new place so it’s the next best thing as we still get to have a cuddle with the cats every few days. There’s a lady that feeds them all and takes them to the vets too so they’re well looked after and even have a little house!

  4. Blimey thats a lot of cats!

    Are they all yours? My daughter would love to live there, she’d love a cat but sadly I’m allergic so we can’t have one.

    • Nope definitely not mine! We can’t have a cat in our apartment so going to see this lot every few days for a cuddle is how I compensate with the little one. They’re all in the local park and a lady comes to feed them every day, she’s had them all “done” and takes them to the vets too bless her!

  5. Wow! That’s a lot of cats!

  6. Cats! ooh I bet they’re not so silent at night.

  7. wow so many cats – I wonder which one’s the alpha or elder statesman?

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