Speekee Tv – A Review

This is a sponsored post

I jumped at the chance of reviewing Speekee TV! We were living in Spain and my daughter was getting rather frustrated at not being able to speak to the Spanish kids in her class. I was helping her as best I could, using the Spanish I’d learnt in my night class before leaving the UK, books and the phrases I’d learnt since arriving in Spain, but I thought that Speekee, being aimed at children, would be fantastic for her and hopefully give her the confidence to speak to the Spanish children in her class more.

We received a 2 month trial to Speekee TV, the online side of Speekee and set about watching the episodes. When my daughter, who’s 9, watched the first episode with me, she thought it was a little babyish and was embarrassed to respond to the questions being asked by Speekee (who is a cute little purple puppet), but when she watched it again and the subsequent episodes, she really got into it. She loved the sock puppets who seem to constantly tell each other they love each other which was cute and the songs made her remember what she had learned during that episode.

Each episode comes with worksheets to help the learning process and we used these quite a bit to develop what we’d learned during that episode. There are 10 episodes, which you can see below:

  1. El parque – the park.
  2. El café – the restaurant.
  3. La casa – the home.
  4. El zoo – the zoo.
  5. La clase – the classroom.
  6. El mercado – the market.
  7. La estacion – the bus station.
  8. La playa – the beach.
  9. El jardin – the garden.
  10. La fiesta – the party.

Each episode includes songs, repetition and lots of different words to learn. My daughter knew a good 70% of the words used in the episodes, so she did say it was easy occasionally, but what it helped her with was having the confidence to speak to other people in Spanish. She was so concerned of pronouncing words and sentences incorrectly that she almost refused to speak it at one point, but Speekee changed that and she happily rattles on in Spanish all day now, even though we don’t live there any more!

The series also helped me with my Spanish, yes I knew almost all of the words used, but it helped me with pronunciation and my neighbour and I would often plonk our kids infront of the computer to watch it and secretly watch it too to try to cement our knowledge of the basics of the language.

I would definitely recommend the series to parents of children who need to learn Spanish because of a move to Spain, if I’d known about it before the move I would have been watching it with my daughter in the months leading up to it. It’s not going to make your child fluent in Spanish, years of practice will do that, but it will give them the basics and the confidence to speak it among their peers. I would love to see a second series of Speekee to develop on what we’ve already learnt in the first – I would certainly invest in it!

You can purchase Speekee TV (online version) for just £4.95 a month, which to me is great value, especially as you get 2 weeks free with no obligation and you can cancel your membership at any time! You can also invest in the DVD set for £95, which includes 4 DVDs, 34 track audio CD and a 70 page guide.

Please note this is a sponsored post for which I received 2 months access to Speekee TV, for further information on my disclosure policy, please click on the Disclosure tab above.


3 responses to “Speekee Tv – A Review

  1. I actually think Dora the Explorer is great for learning Spanish. Missy Woo, when just 3, amazed her grandparents by rattling off 1 to 10 in Spanish one day. She even said them to me before she went to bed tonight!

    • My little one used to love Dora, she was rattling off the numbers and saying Hola to everyone from about the same age as Missy Woo. I think Dora prepared her a bit for moving to Spain as she wouldn’t have had any knowledge of Spanish at all without that programme and she would happily tell me how many of certain things there were for example when I asked her or say Hola to the gardener in our urbanisation. My little nieces have my daughters old Dora videos and dvds now so hopefully it will be just as useful for them too!

  2. Thanks Kat… lovely review! Here’s the link to the Speekee website for any readers seeking out further information: http://www.speekee.co.uk/online.php
    ¡Gracias! Jim

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