Silent Sunday


21 responses to “Silent Sunday

  1. Loving the reflections. Really pretty.

  2. I love Malta. We went a couple of years ago to the Golden Sands. x

    • Everyone who says they’ve been to Malta seems to have been to the hotel at Golden Sands. We’ve only been past it on one of the island tours when we first got here but we’ll definitely be going back to that beach as it looks like the best one on the island – and the sands a bonus as it’s few and far between!

  3. That looks so peaceful- is that the view from your window? Would love to be there it looks so inviting

    • I wish! We live a few streets back from there. We did look at an apartment that would’ve had that exact view but the bedrooms were tiny and the damp was terrible in there. We can still see the sea from here, it’s just not as “right there” as in that pic.

  4. Awww makes me want to go on holiday!

  5. hope your enjoying Malta looks fab!

  6. What I’d give to be there!

  7. Oh how lovely! Hope you are settling in alright xx

  8. Whereabouts on Malta are you? I can’t work it out from that shot. We went many times in my teens. My parents continued to go for a long time after that too, until my Dad got ill in the late 90s. And funnily enough, my Mum has just come back from her first holiday there in more than a dozen years. All 4 sisters and a few (grown up!) grandchildren all contributed to the cost for her birthday present. Not sure where she stayed this time but she used to say in Rabat, then at the Buskett Forest. She has a friend out there who used to live down the road from her so it was good to go back and see her.

    • This is Spinola Bay in St Julians, we’re not far from there. I’ve not heard of the Buskett Forest, will have to have a look. I hope your mum had fun, that was lovely of you all to pay for her to go!

  9. Beeeautiful. The shimmer you’ve caught on the water looks fab!

  10. How lovely! I wish I was there 🙂

  11. It looks very sunny and inviting. If only you could get into photo’s.

  12. Oh how lovely! Can I come over for a holiday?

  13. seasiderinthecity

    They totally look like toys boats! So peaceful. I have never been to Malta but it always looks lovely & I’ve good things about the golf!

    • The golf is supposed to be great but its a few thousand euros to join the golf course here apparently as its the only one on the whole island! In Spain we were spoilt for golf courses, we had Finca Courtesin up the road, Valderama 15 mins away and even a famous polo field thing down the road too. I miss all that open space!

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